An Interview Series Designed to Educate & Inspire the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders.

As society continues to navigate the climate crisis, the role of a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) has never been more urgent or important. Today's CSO is expected to assess risk and build resilience, identify emerging opportunities, and influence the thinking and behaviour of businesses, investors, governments and regulators - all for the better.  

Part of understanding and strengthening this ever-evolving role means unpacking the skillset required and the challenges faced. With that, Acre has launched the second series of the 'Future of the CSO' series and this time we are focusing on interviews with Sustainability leaders across Asia Pacifc who share their perspectives on the current and future role of the CSO.

With each interview conducted virtually, the sustainability leaders took part in a conversation with Patricia Dwyer, CEO for the Purpose Business and Former CSO for the Shangri-La hotels, alongside a representative from Acre to explore three main topics: 

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The Evolution of the CSO's Role

How has the role and the sustainability leadership landscape developed over the last 3 years and how will it change in the coming 5 years?


The Uniqueness of Asia 

What makes an effective CSO for companies in Asia?


The Skillset Required

What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to become a CSO? What skillsets and networks are needed to become future change-makers?

Meet the Team

  • Pamela Mar

    "​What you really need to do is develop your understanding of business development, commercial realities, your ability to read the market, your ability to connect global regulation to what is going on within the walls of the business and in the value chain. What is also really important is the power of persuasion and being able to articulate and develop a convincing business case. "

    Managing Director

    Digital Standards Initiative
  • Eric Lim

    ​“The talent in the field has always very much been people who had studied and invested their professional careers in sustainability or certain aspects of it. This very interesting development that we are starting to see today, and I think it is going to be something for quite a long time, is you are going to start to see CSO’s who don’t come from that very hardcore environmental background, but you’ll start to see business executives or corporate executives like myself be repurposed to lead sustainability.” 

    Eric Lim - Chief Sustainability Officer and Managing Director


Meet the Sustainability Leaders

  • The Future of the CSP - APAC | Episode 2 | Digital Standards Initiative

    ​Joining us for the second episode of the 'Future of the CSO - APAC' series is Pamela Mar, Managing Director of the Digital Standards Initiative and former Executive Vice President – Knowledge and Applications at the Fung Group. At the time of the interview, Pam led the Fung Academy’s knowledge generation, application, and dissemination in support of the Fung Group’s business success and readiness for the future. Her ongoing dedication to the industry, knowledge and passion made her the ideal interviewee for episode 2.

    The Future of the CSP - APAC | Episode 2 | Digital Standards Initiative
  • The Future of the CSO - APAC | Episode 1 | UOB

    ​​To kick start the 'Future of the CSO - APAC' series, we were joined by Eric Lim, Chief Sustainability Officer and Managing Director for UOB. As the CSO for one of the world's top banks, Eric leads a dedicated Corporate Sustainability Office and focuses on achieving the Bank’s sustainability objectives of helping businesses to advance responsibly, steering consumer wealth to sustainable investments, and fostering social inclusiveness and environmental well-being. Eric opened up the series with his extensive knowledge, advice, and experience on what it takes to become a CSO.

    The Future of the CSO - APAC | Episode 1 | UOB

Who is Involved?

With Acre and Pat Dwyer’s combined 40+ years of experience in sustainability, the ‘The Future of the CSO - APAC’ series is based on a strong partnership of extensive knowledge and nuanced understanding of the industry. 

Pat is an internationally respected sustainability thought leader in Asia, well-known for her long-standing dedication and passion for driving positive action through embedding purpose across organisations. From her in-depth expertise, beginning with her roles as the ground-breaking first CSR head of Ayala land and first global head of sustainability for the Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts to founding The Purpose Business, Pat continues to amass in-depth expertise from across the region, bringing such critical insights and an infectious energy to the series.

As Acre expands into the Asia Pacific with the opening of a new Singapore office, our ambition is to catalyze environmental & social impact globally and throughout this rapidly evolving region. Not only do we aim to uncover knowledge about the ever-changing role of the CSO but unpick what it takes to be a CSO in Asia. Acre’s team is made up of passionate individuals who are dedicated to sourcing talented people and developing their skills to ensure they make a true impact. It is our duty to uncover the skills, knowledge and insights from our network of current leaders in the industry to share with the next generation of change-makers. It is important that as an industry, we keep learning, sharing and developing.

About Acre

At Acre, we work with the most aspirational businesses with the potential to make real change; from those who are just starting out to those who are well on the journey to crafting a legacy. Our 18 years of experience in sustainability recruitment, combined with our extensive global network, enables us to provide talent solutions that are designed to deliver this change. Through our unique behavioural assessment technology, we also understand the types of people, skills and behaviours required to create impact. We find talented people and develop their skills to ensure they make a true impact in ambitious, progressive organisations.

Patricia Dwyer, CEO at The Purpose Business

Pat is an internationally-respected sustainability expert, passionate about sharing her 20+ years of experience and leadership to help businesses in Asia thrive through responsible growth. She has guest lectured, spoken and moderated across global platforms including The Obama Foundation, The World Economic Forum, The Thomson Reuters Foundation, The University of Cambridge and The Climate Competent Boards Certificate Program, sharing her insights in sustainability, purpose, leadership and governance.

Pat and her team of globally-experienced sustainability and business practitioners across industry, academia, NGOs and government at The Purpose Business, guide companies to activate purpose, address ESG impacts and scale sustainability responsibly, in order to future-proof their business. Pat has advised and worked with blue chip companies including MTR, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Marsh Asia, Cathay Pacific, Jardine Matheson, Swire Properties, Universal Robina, Metro Pacific Investment Corporation, and Ayala.