14th December 2017

Unilever environmentally friendly beauty brand gives hair today for tomorrow

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Unilever is launching another environmentally friendly beauty brand – this time aimed at millennials in the States.

The environmentally friendly product, Love Beauty and Planet, swiftly follows a natural personal care product line, but LBP is being launched on a much larger scale and boasts pioneering “fast rinse” technology in its hair care products.

These are designed to rinse out faster than conventional products, allowing consumers to shower for less time, saving water and energy in the process.

LBP’s packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable materials, including the labels. All of the fragrance ingredients are cruelty-free, vegan and ethically sourced by Giyaudan, a Swiss manufacturer of flavours, fragrances and cosmetic ingredients that focuses on responsible sourcing and supporting local communities.

The products are also without parabens, silicones or dyes.

The line – which is created with silicones, parabens or dyes – will be made available in US supermarkets, e-commerce, drugstores and major retailers, as well as smaller natural goods stores.

Matthew Seal, research and development partner for Love Beauty and Planet, told global media and technology company POPSugar: “Many people know that showering requires a lot of water.

“It is not difficult to reduce shower time, but to do so while not sacrificing the benefits you get from conditioner is what makes this technology so revolutionary. Our patent-pending, fast-rinse technology can help you save water, while also delivering all the desired beauty benefits you’ve come to expect from a conditioner.”

Piyush Jain, vice president of haircare at Unilever, said: “Our philosophy is that we will obviously not change the world overnight, so we are working towards small acts, which together with our consumers over a period of time will make a big impact on the planet we live in.”

Love Beauty and Planet, is comprised of 18 haircare products, including styling products and dry shampoo, and eight skincare products broken down into six collections targeting specific concerns.

The range is made up of the following: murumuru butter and rose; tea tree oil and vetiver; argan oil and lavender; coconut oil and ylang ylang; coconut water & mimosa flower; and shea butter and sandalwood.