23rd February 2018

Vision Zero health and safety campaign gets support from IOSH

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IOSH, the world’s leading professional safety and health body, has signed up to the Vision Zero campaign to prevent all injuries and illnesses at work.

The proposed strategy, Vision Zero, aims to protect employees across the globe in the workplace and more than 500 organisations (businesses, universities, ministries, social security agencies and professional bodies) across the world have joined as partners.

The International Social Security Association (ISSA), is leading the campaign which is based on the view that all work-related accidents, diseases and harm are preventable. It was launched at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Singapore last September.

IOSH, a longstanding member of ISSA, has been central to the development of the global campaign, with particular support for the recently launched free-to-access guide for trainers.

Bev Messinger, chief executive of IOSH, said: “As demonstrated by the dedication of our members and our continuing investment in research, IOSH is driven by a desire to reduce the loss and devastation caused by accidents and diseases in the workplace.

“It’s great to be able to formalise our commitment to this campaign. Vision Zero fits perfectly with WORK 2022, our five-year strategy which was launched last year to make our vision of a safe and healthy world of work a reality.

“Each year there are 2.78 million deaths through work-related diseases and 340 million work-related accidents resulting in devastation among families and 3.94 per cent lost GDP globally. However, all of this could be prevented.”

Shelley Frost, director of strategic development at IOSH and president of the education and training section of ISSA, said: “This campaign aims to motivate and support businesses to develop a workplace prevention culture.

“Building an organisation’s prevention culture is a challenging but rewarding task, as evidenced by our members. They have shown us that establishing and embedding a Vision Zero culture within an organisation has proven to effect long-term positive change in occupational safety and health. The Vision Zero strategy is not prescriptive; organisations can determine their own design and implementation plan to suit their organisation.

“Through our WORK 2022 strategy, we are working with our network of over 47,000 members worldwide to share all the good practices and innovative ideas in occupational safety, health and wellbeing which are already helping businesses to make this principle of Vision Zero a reality in their workplace.”