15th August 2017

Vital Energi plugs in to £85m district heating network

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A new £85m district heating network is taking shape in north London with the aim of delivering low-carbon energy to 30,000 homes and businesses, Vital Energi has announced.

The sustainable power company is delivering the scheme on behalf of energetik, the energy company owned by Enfield council, which intends to revolutionise the unregulated local energy market to ensure that customers receive a quality service.

Vital Energi will design, build, operate and maintain the main energy centre for Meridian Water and install the district heating network over the next 12 years, under a contract worth £15m. The project is part of an integrated energy and regeneration strategy in Enfield that will connect with energetik’s other networks in the area.

The carbon footprint of homes connected to the energetik network will be up to 80 per cent less than homes with conventional heating. The scheme is expected to provide £225m of economic, environmental and social benefits to local residents and businesses while creating jobs in the area.

Rob Callaghan, regional director (London & South) for Vital Energi, said: “We are very excited to be working on a project of this magnitude in London. With energetik’s ambitious vision, we look forward to changing the perception of district heating and showcasing the benefits that energy networks can bring to a local community.”

Jayne Clare, energetik’s managing director added: “The work that Vital Energi will undertake on behalf of energetik delivers the strategic infrastructure that will help to secure Enfield’s energy needs for decades to come. Implementing our specification to the standard we expect challenges the norm of district heating practices. So we are very happy to have such experienced partners in Vital Energi, helping us raise the bar for our customers and the wider industry.”

Vital Energi and energetik aim to connect the first customers to the scheme later this year.