Our highly motivated climate change recruitment team is expert in connecting talented candidates who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organisations to drive sustainable change. Our network is unparalleled in tackling climate change, with expertise across decarbonisation and carbon accounting, climate finance, developing nature-based solutions and finding solutions to meet ambitious net-zero targets.

Our climate change recruitment offering is supported by the following suite of services:

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Climate Change Executive Search

Our recruitment consultancy wants brighter futures for all: our clients, society and the environment. That’s why we pride ourselves on finding great sustainability professionals, honing their skills to suit climate-focused professions and ensuring the best fit for your business - because we understand the difference the right leaders make, to your business and to our future.

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Climate Change Assessments & Development

​It takes more than technical expertise to succeed in purpose-driven roles and drive real change. We work with highly motivated professionals at every stage of their leadership journey, taking the time to understand the skills your business needs to achieve our ambitions and create impact.

And, through our unique behavioural assessments, integrated within our recruitment and

executive search offering, we look beyond experience and technical skills. We explore a candidate's strengths, development needs and fit for your business, benchmarking our data-led insights against 2,000+ purpose-led professionals.

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Climate Change Contract & Interim Recruitment

​We have an exceptional track record of finding the right people, at the right time, who can make a difference in the right places. If you need a Head of Climate Change, Carbon Accountant or a renewable energy expert to join your business quickly and drive impact from day one, our specialist contract & interim recruitment team can help.

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Meet the Team

What Our Clients Say

  • Christophe Williams - Naked Energy - Testimonial

    I have rated Acre with 5 stars, as they really understand our business needs and the specific roles being targeted. The entire engagement was extremely detailed, professional and resulted in new hires that have made a positive impact in our company.​

    Christophe Williams, Founder & Managing Director

    Naked Energy
  • Fiorentina Pitassi - Alfen BV - Testimonial

    ​Die Kommunikation mit Dulce war super. Es hat Spaß gemacht mit ihr zu telefonieren und Sie hat mich sehr gut im Bewerbungsprozess unterstützt. Besser hätte ich nicht vorbereitet gewesen sein können.


    Communication with Dulce was great. It was fun to talk to her on the phone and she supported me very well in the application process. I couldn't have been better prepared.

    Fiorentina Pitassi, Inside Sales Specialist - EV Charging Equipment

  • Martin Kaonga - ClimateCare - Testimonial

    Acre was extremely professional in facilitating my appointment as Nature-Based Solutions Technical Manager by ClimateCare. From the moment I was shortlisted for the position, Acre was very quick in arranging meetings and interviews, and the consultant definitely understood the requirements of their client. Acre's handling of the whole recruitment process was exceptional.

    ClimateCare logo

    Martin Kaonga, Nature Based Solutions Technical Manager

  • Margaux Nguyen - CodeGreen Solutions - Testimonial

    Acre's leadership assessment and coaching sessions brought me a wealth of meaningful insight. During the recruitment process, Josh made me aware of my dominant personality traits and how those traits may lead to positive or negative leadership behaviours. Connecting these dots helped me understand which behaviours have led to success in my career, but also where I have been holding myself back.

    During the two subsequent coaching sessions with Ed, I was able to use these insights to create well-defined, concrete goals for my new role. I feel better equipped to pursue these goals with a newfound self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses, because Acre provided guidance that was specifically tailored to me.

    CodeGreen Solutions logo

    Margaux Nguyen, Associate Director - Energy Management

    CodeGreen Solutions
  • Ben Wilde - First Carbon Solutions - Testimonial

    ​Acre's knowledge and understanding of the sustainability and environmental sector is outstanding. Their research, intelligence and networking capabilities make them an important partner for us as we grow our business in Europe. They are an impressive team.

    First Carbon Solutions logo

    Ben Wilde, Director

    First Carbon Solutions

Featured Content

  • ​Can CSOs solve the climate crisis? • Written by Acre's Marie Cloherty for Business Leader

    ​In this guest article, Marie Cloherty, Executive Director of Sustainable Business at Acre, discusses what can be done following last year’s COP27 and the lack of action against the climate crisis.

    Last year’s COP27 left many feeling flat. I was one of them. And let’s be honest – the conference fell short of any real commitments to decarbonise with the necessary speed and urgency. As global temperatures continue to rise, it’s clear that businesses will need to take the most action to solve the challenges we now face.

    ​Can CSOs solve the climate crisis? • Written by Acre's Marie Cloherty for Business Leader
  • 1 in 3 young workers turn down jobs if a business reveals weak ESG ratings

    ​Millennials and younger workers are already considered a force to be reckoned with, so it may come as a little surprise that they are turning down jobs with companies that lag behind when it comes to valuing ESG factors.

    According to a new study by professional services firm KPMG, businesses lacking robust environmental, social and governance credentials are not appealing to younger prospective candidates who are searching for a more environmentally friendly and purpose-driven role.

    1 in 3 young workers turn down jobs if a business reveals weak ESG ratings
  • Climate change: Hong Kong to pay 30 percent more for ESG jobs as companies fight for talent to meet sustainability targets • With commentary from Acre's Paddy Balfour

    ​According to headhunters, environmental, social and governance (ESG) jobs in Hong Kong could command salary premiums of more than 30 percent as companies strive to meet their sustainability targets and tackle climate change.

    With the increasing demand for ESG and sustainability expertise in Hong Kong, local talents can expect salary increments of over 30 percent when switching jobs. In contrast, according to recruitment agency Hays, those relocating to the city from overseas can expect even higher salary increases and potential expat benefits.

    Climate change: Hong Kong to pay 30 percent more for ESG jobs as companies fight for talent to meet sustainability targets • With commentary from Acre's Paddy Balfour
  • Funding for pioneering nature projects to identify carbon capture

    Natural England has announced a £4.3 million funding package to trial carbon capturing and benefit a handful of projects across England.

    CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere using nature-based solutions, which will not only tackle challenges affecting people and nature but also prevent emissions from agricultural land and degraded natural sites.

    Funding for pioneering nature projects to identify carbon capture

Climate Change Recruitment Overview

We believe that people drive the future of business. 20 years' experience provides us with the expertise to consult, advise and challenge to deliver informed solutions and find the very best climate change candidates for the latest climate change jobs.

Working together with you, we forge a deep understanding of your business goals and advise on solutions to get you there. We'll enable you to find the right people, at the right time, whether that's right now through our climate change contract and interim recruitment service, or permanently through an in-depth executive search process.

What Areas of Climate Change Does Acre Recruit In?

Decarbonisation Recruitment

Our experienced decarbonisation network includes professionals who specialise in carbon accounting and carbon footprints, from carbon analysts to decarbonisation and climate strategists.

You can explore our current decarbonisation jobs here.

Nature-Based Solutions Recruitment

The NBS definition by the European Commission states that Nature-Based Solutions are "inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience."

Not only do our climate change recruitment team understand how NBS applies to, well, the climate - we can also source specialist Nature-Based Solutions professionals to tackle areas such as biodiversity, risk management, and other socio-economic challenges.

You can explore our current nature-based solutions jobs here.

Net-Zero Recruitment

We're experienced in helping your business to build and deploy net-zero strategies and meet your net-zero goals by hiring the right people. Whether you're specialising in zero carbon buildings or looking to meet ambitious zero carbon targets, we can connect you with a talented individual who will have the ability to make an impact.

You can explore our current net-zero jobs here.

Climate Finance Recruitment

Our climate finance recruitment team are established specialists with a legacy in supporting businesses who want to deploy capital to reduce emissions, increase their reliance on renewable energy, reduce vulnerability and maintain the resilience of human and ecological systems to create negative climate change impacts.

We also support with TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) positions, if your focus is on improving and increasing reporting of climate-related financial information.

You can explore our current climate finance jobs here.

Sustainability Recruitment

We operate across the entire breadth and depth of sustainability, corporate responsibility, and environmental recruitment. Whether you're looking for an Ethical Trade Specialist, Sustainability Director or a sustainability consultant we can help. Our recruitment team is often on the hunt for a talented individual for a sustainability consultant role, and our listed sustainability jobs are always changing.

You can explore our current sustainability jobs here & environmental jobs here.

What Skills Does Acre Look for in a Climate Change Professional?

The technical expertise required to tackle climate change varies considerably from professional to professional, dependent on area of focus.

We believe a true partner keeps learning and growing with their clients - that’s why we are constantly evolving to ensure that as the world changes, faster than ever, we are here to make sure you are one step ahead and find the people with the skills you need.

We do, however, develop and assess against our bespoke competency framework of non-technical skills, built based on data that outlines what 'good' looks like in over 2,000 purpose-driven professionals. We believe that those non-technical skills, such as Executive Influence and Innovation & Courage, make an effective leader who can drive change and deliver impact.

Find out more about our Climate Change Leadership Assessments here.

Climate Change Leadership Development

As mentioned above, our unique behavioural assessment technology means we understand the types of people who belong in your team and have the potential to thrive. With our global network of purpose-driven professionals, we are always in touch with exceptional candidates. We'll also develop and nurture your existing teams to ensure they have the skills required for your business to prosper and progress.

Find out more about our Climate Change Leadership Development Services here.

Why Choose Acre to be Your Climate Change Recruitment & Search Partner?

Climate change is urgent and important.

More and more, organisations are requiring sustainability-minded employees, for every role, in each department and skill set.

At Acre, this is our core expertise. Since 2003, we have been connecting talented candidates all over the world who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organisations. We learn and grow with our clients, tackling all the areas of sustainability needed to drive change, including Energy & Renewables, Environmental, Sustainable Finance and of course Climate Change.

If you are aspirational and ambitious to change your business and create an inspiring legacy; let’s make it happen together.

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