We have an unparalleled network when it comes to tackling climate change, with expertise spanning from TCFD and climate finance to decarbonisation and carbon accounting. Our dedicated climate finance recruitment team is expert in connecting talented candidates who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organisations to drive sustainable change. 

Our climate finance recruitment offering is supported by the following suite of services:

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Climate Finance
Executive Search

We want brighter futures for all: our clients, society and the environment. That’s why we pride ourselves on finding great leaders, honing their skills to suit climate focussed professions and ensuring the best fit for your business - because we understand the difference the right leaders make, to your business and to our future.

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Talent Assessment
& Development

It takes more than technical expertise to succeed in purpose-led roles and drive real change. We upskill climate finance professionals across the globe with the non-technical skills to create business impact through coaching, training & development.

Our unique behavioural assessments, integrated within our recruitment & search offering, look beyond experience and technical skills. We explore a candidate's strengths, development needs and fit for your business, benchmarking insights against 2,000+ purpose-led professionals.

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Climate Finance Contract & Interim Recruitment

We're experts in finding the right people, at the right time, who can make a difference in the right places. If you need a Climate Finance Director, Corporate Finance Associate or a Climate Finance Investment Strategist to join your business quickly and drive impact from day one, our specialist contract & interim recruitment team can help.

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Meet the Team


  • Dominik Schneider - Anthos - Testimonial

    Ian was very helpful when navigating the different interview stages at Anthos. I was always well prepared and could lean on his advice. He understands the market well, is well connected, can always spare a few minutes to discuss and he is generally a nice person. I would definitely recommend working with Acre.

    Dominik Schneider, Portfolio Manager - Skopos Fund

  • Ingrid Holmes - Green Finance Institute

    ​Ian was a pleasure to work with - really plugged into the sustainable finance space and opportunities there. Very supportive through the recruitment process. I highly recommend.

    Ingrid Holmes, Executive Director

    Green Finance Institute
  • Robin Millington - Carbon Tracker - Testimonial

    ​I find that Acre listen well, understand your requirements and the sustainability space, and are customer responsive.

    I am very happy with using them, and three of my new staff have come to us via Acre.

    Robin Millington, CEO

    Carbon Tracker

Featured Content

  • Reflecting on COP27’s loss and damage fund agreement

    Talk of progression and urgent solutions reverberated throughout the COP27 crowd, during the long-drawn-out summit, as leaders made a desperate bid to clinch climate deals.

    Delegates from 190 countries gathered for the global climate conference in Egypt to discuss the required action to effect climate change adaptation, climate finance and decarbonisation. However, the event in Sharm-el-Sheikh overran by several days (making it the third longest COP in history) as leaders battled to thrash out agreements, giving cause for disheartenment in the wake of COP27 by the lack of certainty surrounding how progress can be accelerated.

    Reflecting on COP27’s loss and damage fund agreement
  • Could the reallocation of human capital be a key solution to today's climate crisis?

    Following the UN’s recent report announcing there is “no credible pathway to 1.5°C in place”, taking action to operationalise the Paris Agreement has never been more urgent.

    The reality is that, despite the window dressing that says otherwise, the transition will only take place if long-term capital is funnelled into unequivocally credible decarbonisation-focused solutions.

    The problem lies not in the fact that the market lacks these solutions, but in the startling truth that people without the necessary understanding, experience and skills have been tasked with orchestrating change quickly.

    Could the reallocation of human capital be a key solution to today's climate crisis?

Service Overview

Our Climate Finance Recruitment Services

We believe that people drive the future of business. 20 years' experience provides us with the expertise to advise, consult and challenge to deliver informed solutions and find the very best climate finance candidates.  

We'll partner with you to forge a deep understanding of your business goals and to advise on solutions to get you there. We'll enable you to find the right people, at the right time, whether that's for an in-depth executive search process or right now through our climate finance contract and interim recruitment service.

What Areas of Climate Finance Does Acre Recruit In?

Climate Finance Jobs

We have an established climate finance recruitment team with a proven track record of supporting businesses that want to deploy capital to reduce emissions and maintain the resilience of human and ecological systems to reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

If your focus is on improving and increasing reporting of climate-related financial information, we also support with TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) positions.

You can browse our current climate finance jobs here.


Our network in TCFD can enable you to deliver effective climate-related disclosures that could promote more informed investment, credit, and insurance underwriting decisions and, in turn, enable stakeholders to understand better the concentrations of carbon-related assets in the financial sector and the financial system’s exposures to climate-related risks.

You can browse our current TCFD jobs here.

Net Zero Jobs

We have ample experience helping businesses build and deploy net zero strategies. Whether you're specialising in zero carbon buildings or looking for a specialist in carbon finance, we can help you hire the right people to help you reach your net zero goals by connecting you with talented candidates who know how to make an impact.

You can browse our current net zero jobs here.

ESG & Responsible Investment Jobs

We operate across the entire breadth and depth of sustainable finance, impact investing, corporate governance and SRI recruitment. Whether you're looking for a Head of ESG or Impact Investing Director, we can help.

You can explore our current ESG & responsible investment jobs here.

What Skills Does Acre Look for in a Climate Finance Professional?

Depending on area of focus, the technical expertise required to tackle climate change varies considerably from professional to professional.

We believe a true partner keeps learning and growing with their clients. We're constantly evolving to ensure that as the world changes, faster than ever, we're ready to make sure you're one step ahead. We work to ensure that you don't just have the right people in your business, but that those people have the skills they need to drive meaningful progress toward their business' goals.

To do so, we develop and assess climate finance professionals using our bespoke non-technical skill competency framework, which outlines what 'good' leadership looks like in sustainability-related professions and benchmarks individuals against behavioural data from over 2,000 purpose-driven professionals. We believe that these non-technical skills, such as Business Insight & Inclusive Leadership, are essential for effective leadership.

Find out more about our Climate Finance Leadership Assessments here.

Climate Finance Leadership Development

As mentioned above, our unique behavioural assessment technology means we understand the types of people who belong in your team, as well as the resources and structures they'll need to thrive. With our global network of purpose-driven professionals, we are always in touch with exceptional candidates that can add significant value to your organisation. We'll also develop and nurture your existing teams to ensure they have the skills needed for your business to prosper and progress. 

Find out more about our Climate Finance Leadership Development Services here.


Why Choose Acre to be Your Climate Finance Recruitment & Search Partner?

Climate change is urgent and important.

More and more, organisations are requiring sustainability-minded employees, for every role, in each department and skill set.

At Acre, this is our core expertise. Since 2003, we have been connecting talented candidates all over the world who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organisations that are driving sustainable change. We learn and grow with our clients, tackling all the areas of sustainability needed to drive change, including Energy & Renewables, Environmental, Sustainable Finance and, of course, Climate Change.

We want brighter futures for all: clients, candidates, society and the environment. That’s why we pride ourselves on finding the best candidates through our executive search and recruitment services, honing their skills through our in-house leadership development tool to suit purpose-driven professions. We'll ensure the best fit for your business via our bespoke non-technical assessment for purpose-driven professionals - because we understand the difference the right people make.

If you are aspirational and ambitious to change your business and create an inspiring legacy; let’s make it happen together… Let’s act now. 

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​​Get in touch today to discuss our climate finance recruitment services, and to see how we can help with your decarbonisation recruitment, net zero recruitment or climate, carbon finance and TCFD recruitment needs.

You can email us at mail@acre.com, or visit our contact page here.