Acre is the specialist Executive Search consultancy supporting the Corporate Affairs and Communications functions. We work with Boards and Executive Committees to identify, evaluate and secure the modern blend of skillsets required where performance, purpose and reputation meet.


Executive Search

and Recruitment

We support ambitious companies to source leaders who can shape change through implementing compelling strategy, policies and campaigns across Reputation and Issues Management, Public Affairs/ Government Relations and Stakeholder Engagement. We appoint individuals through to entire teams; from Boards and CEOs through to Directors, Managers and Executives.

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Leadership Development

We empower companies to develop business and leadership capabilities within their organisations through behavioural assessment and data-driven development solutions such as coaching and training. Our Acre Frameworks methodology supports individuals and teams to perform better and with purpose.

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Our Network

We believe the right leadership exists now to solve global challenges and our mission is to convene individuals and organisations to make a collective dent. We bring our community together through events, insightful thought leadership and compelling networks to create a positive impact on social and environmental objectives.

Meet the Team


  • Fiona Morgan - Sail GP - Testimonial

    Last year I worked with Acre to find a new role and as part of the process, I completed a leadership assessment and coaching program. It was amazing to get this added value as part of the process and shows Acre’s commitment to developing and growing talent. The assessment allowed me and my new employer to really understand my strengths and development areas through insight. It was great to ensure I was aligned to the role and wider organisation, culture and values which is critical in the purpose and sustainability field.

    A few months into my role I had a follow-up coaching session and it was really beneficial to stop, reflect and discuss my personal development. This service was a great addition to the recruitment process and I think very beneficial for all involved.​

    Sail GP logo

    Fiona Morgan, Director of Purpose

    Sail GP
  • VP, Strategy & Development - Generic - Anonymous Feefo Testimonial

    The collaboration with the Acre team was marked by great professionalism, stellar competency and genuine friendliness and advice throughout the entire recruiting assignment. Their support has made the difference in being able to find and hire the most suitable candidate for the role at hand.

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    Trusted Customer

  • Andrea Chase - Arbonne International - Testimonial

    Catherine was an incredible ally throughout the hiring process. Her expertise and professionalism is only exceeded by her incredible commitment to finding the right fit for her clients. If only all recruiters were as great as those at Acre! Thank you for making hiring such a breeze.

    Arbonne International logo

    Andrea Chase, Director - CSR & Sustainability

    Arbonne International
  • Chantell Cooper - Arbonne International - Testimonial

    Quality firm with outstanding service and results!

    I really enjoyed working with Catherine. Very knowledgeable and professional!

    Arbonne International logo

    Chantell Cooper, Director - Talent Acquisition

    Arbonne International
  • Head of Community & Campaigns - The Co-Operative - Testimonial

    As trawlermen the world over will attest, you're going to get a better catch if someone knows where the fish are to be found. When it comes to recruitment, Acre appear to know not just where the fish are, but the specific type of fish you are searching for in particular. We were delighted with the recruitment process and the high-calibre candidates it produced. Great service as well.

    The Co-Op logo

    Head of Community & Campaigns

    The Co-Op
  • Head of European Sustainability Affairs - Samsung - Testimonial

    Acre has risen rapidly to become the most specialised CR recruiter in the UK. I have always been impressed with the quality of candidates sent to me and I would have no hesitation to recommend Acre to anyone looking to find new people in the sustainability field.

    Samsung logo

    Head of European Sustainability Affairs

  • Resourcing Lead - BP - Anonymous Feefo Testimonial

    Acre has been a great partner in helping us fulfill our resourcing requirements. The service we have received from the team is truly that of a partner who understands our business and we are always guaranteed an exceptional personal service which is a rarity in this day and age.

    BP logo

    Resourcing Lead


Featured Content

  • The State of Diversity and Inclusion in Sustainability Survey: Results Coming Soon

    In February, Diversity in Sustainability (DiS) launched The State of Diversity and Inclusion in Sustainability Survey to take a first look into identifying areas for improvement across the sector for diversity, equity and inclusion. Stay tuned to learn more about the outcomes!

    The State of Diversity and Inclusion in Sustainability Survey: Results Coming Soon
  • A COVID-19 Market Analysis For Sustainability & Safety Professionals

    As recruitment and talent development specialists, we feel uniquely placed to provide insight into the direction that our core markets are taking as we work our way through this changing environment. The first instalment of our Rising Sun series will provide an informative platform to drive purpose-driven agendas forward and to support sustainability and EHS professionals to acclimatise.

    A COVID-19 Market Analysis For Sustainability & Safety Professionals
  • Acre Impact Stories: Louise Kjellerup Roper

    ​Louise Kjellerup Roper sits down with Acre to discuss the impact and challenges of her first six months in her role as Non-Executive Director at Volans, which she found with the help of Catherine Harris, Principal Consultant.

    Acre Impact Stories: Louise Kjellerup Roper
  • Case Study: VP of Social Responsibility - Lego

    Ambitious sustainable materials and renewable energy targets triggered the expansion of Lego’s Social Responsibility and Engagement Team, and in turn, created the need for an individual who would define Lego’s social and environmental responsibility approach. 

    Case Study: VP of Social Responsibility - Lego
  • The Social Board

    For many company boards, tackling the unmet needs of society is an aspiration that can be delegated to Corporate Social Responsibility teams. They see government as primarily responsible for addressing challenges such as climate change and mental illness, leaving boards to focus on shareholder value. This paper argues otherwise; the relationship between business and society has reached a point where the voice of society needs to be introduced explicitly as a stakeholder in the boardroom.

    The Social Board

Service Overview

The Current Climate:

Due to the climate of economic uncertainty, business model disruption and the speed of connectivity between stakeholders, social and environmental impacts are more frequent and damaging than ever before. This instability has elevated the 'purpose' agenda and an evolution in the leadership skills, competencies and behaviours that are required to filter risk, identify emerging opportunity and build confidence among an organisations' stakeholders.

Companies require insight into the modern blend of skill and competencies required where performance, purpose and reputation meet.

  • Performance - Do they have the relevant leadership competencies to do the job (and work cross-functionally) across disciplines?

  • Purpose - Can you help define their organisations role in society and translate external impacts, material to the business, into successful strategy?

  • Reputation - Can they articulate a compelling story to engage and empower a varied group of stakeholders to take a desired action?

The Modern Corporate Affairs Director:

Reputation has been reset. Corporate affairs practitioners now need to be comfortable with ambiguity. They must remain fluid in re-positioning strategic orientation against the shifting backdrop of a highly connected and politicised environment, whilst creating competitive advantage out of challenges, moving from defend and protect to engage and lead.

The function must be a part of the Executive Committee’s decision-making process and seen as a team of ‘trusted advisers'. A recent report cited that 82% of Corporate Affairs Directors attend their firm’s Executive Committee’s meetings, with 42% sitting on the committee itself, in order to help shape strategy.

What are the Skills required?

Practitioners therefore need to provide the crucial link between helping to understand and define the economic opportunities into action-on-the-ground, through both corporate and brand campaigns.

Practitioners need to provide clear and empathetic support to employees and consumers, untangling potentially complex and misguided information into compelling communication and value propositions. This will be directed to a range of stakeholders who will be at various stages of understanding what the organisation’s vision is and what it means to them.

They need the credibility to engage with policy makers to shape and influence new legislation. At all levels, they need to be a well-respected figure with gravitas, integrity, influence, and a robust commercial track-record of leadership in order to leverage value from policy.

A coach, collaborator and connector, practitioners need to help set strategy and devolve responsibility into the business.

People want to know what an organisation stands for, where it is coming from and where it wants to get to. Practitioners need to cultivate and articulate a story that captures the culture of the organisation, armed with case studies, personal stories and a strong key message. They require the ability to influence and guide key decision makers and stakeholders in the business.

What is the experience required?

Industry experience is not often cited as necessary, it is far more important to have the functional experience across the communications mix. Cross-sector movement is common in corporate affairs and communications.

Practitioners require experience embedding a business transformation or change management programs, and the ability to create compelling business cases and positioning initiatives to promote behavioural change. Building alliances through collaborating, influencing, networking with 'opinion formers' and understanding how they interrelate back to the commercial business strategy.

Why Acre?

Acre, the world’s leading Corporate Affairs and Communications recruitment consultancy has been positioned at the intersection of these conversations since 2007. We empower our clients through executive search and recruitment services, leadership development programmes and access to the relevant insights and networks, all with the purpose to bring the right individuals and organisations together. We work on permanent recruitment assignments as well as contract and interim assignments. 

Acre are working in partnership with our in house leadership development tool, Acre Frameworks, to develop a useful competency frameworks to support practitioners in their careers.

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