Acre’s pioneering work in responsible investment, sustainable finance and impact investing has created the largest global recruitment network of its kind.

We provide global financial institutions and investors access to the most established network of talent to build teams that not only outperform their markets, but also support the transition to a sustainable economy.

We work with talented professionals in all areas of investment, distribution, risk and research, as well as influential leaders to help push forward sustainable investment and corporate citizenship agendas.

We offer a unique proposition to our clients due to our unrivalled subject matter expertise and global networks, resulting from our explicit focus on sustainability and impact principles.

What are social impact jobs?

Social impact jobs are needed in every sector - from corporate to government - to ensure that an organisation is working towards achieving its SDGs; the UN’s targets to create a more sustainable future for all.

Social impact professionals work to mitigate their organisations’ negative impacts while working on solving the problems directly. In terms of sustainability, this could include actions such as joining social enterprises that educate and fight against climate change whilst also finding solutions to problems within the business, such as creating less waste.

Demand for social impact careers and professionals will only continue to grow as pressure mounts from the UN to achieve the SDGs.

Why is social impact work important?

Social impact work is crucial for all businesses, from small NGOs to international corporations.

Social impact jobs are a measurable way for an organisation to consciously work towards a low carbon economy and demonstrates that the organisation is consciously working towards creating a better future.

Social impact professionals hold their organisations to account - not just over sustainability and issues directly related to climate change, but also to humanitarian and social problems too.

More social impact professionals can help our organisations to not only achieve net-zero, but also to create a more equitable society.

What kinds of social impact jobs can you find with Acre?

We have been connecting highly qualified social impact professionals with global organisations for two decades.

With that, our sustainable finance recruitment team places talented individuals in social impact jobs in a range of different organisations, from small NGOs to international corporations.

You can browse all of our social impact jobs here.

What skills do social impact professionals require?

The technical skill requirements for each social impact role differs depending on the role’s specialisation, the organisation and the individual.

There is a high demand for social impact professionals across all sectors, but due to a limited number of professionals with well-established social impact jobs, there is a pronounced shortage of qualified social impact professionals.

Everyday, we aim to help organisations find the perfect fit for their roles. We conceptualise solutions so these roles are filled with experienced professionals who want to help change the world.

Success in sustainability-related professions requires more than just technical expertise. We also assess and develop non-technical skills across all of our markets to ensure that your organisation’s people have the skills required to drive meaningful change and create a measurable impact.

We assess candidates against our bespoke competency framework of non-technical skills, which is made up of data from over 2,000 hard-working professionals. This allows us to evaluate what “good” looks like in a working environment.

Are there social impact jobs available?

We connect exceptional social impact professionals with ambitious organisations that are aiming to help create a better world.

If your business is looking to fill or create jobs for social change, then we can help. Our sustainable finance recruitment team will form a deep understanding of your ambitions so we can challenge, consult and collaborate with you to find the best candidate for your roles.

Click here to find out more about our sustainable finance recruitment team, and if your business is interested in filling or creating roles, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What other types of sustainable finance careers are available?

More and more, organisations are requiring social impact professionals, but there is also a wide range of different sustainable finance careers available too.

These range from roles in corporate governance, impact investing, ESG and SRI and more.

What are some useful resources for social impact professionals to have?

If you want to learn more about social impact roles or even where to start on your sustainable career journey, read some of the latest thought leadership here.

We have a diverse range of roles outside sustainable finance including:


Corporate Affairs and Communications

Energy & Clean Technology
Climate Change

Browse our Social Impact jobs here. ​

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