Acre agree that black lives matter and we support all causes that peacefully strive to make society fair and equal.  

We are proud to work with organizations who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable and inclusive economy. We recognise the power of diverse workplaces, and that we need to do more to bring greater diversity into our own organization and the markets we support. 

Internally, we acknowledge that we have work to do regarding the inclusion of people from all minority backgrounds. Externally, we have a unique opportunity to educate and influence our clients. 

We have a team working on Diversity & Inclusion, focussing on improving our policies, education and internal culture. We know we still have a lot of room to improve and we intend hold ourselves accountable. We will communicate our progress. 

As our team continues to move forwards, we will be transparent about the work we are doing. In line with our values of collaboration, integrity, and innovation, we will share our learnings and best practices. Acre’s role in achieving the SDG’s - in building an inclusive, sustainable economy and reducing inequality – is important to us.   

As we learn and grow, we are committed to using our influence to help others do the same.   

If you want to speak directly about our approach or have ideas regarding how we can accelerate our actions towards a more inclusive economy, please contact me.  


Richard Wright   

Chief Executive, Acre