Since 2003, we’ve enabled aspirational businesses to create real change by embedding impactful, purpose-led, global leaders in the boardroom.

Our vision for a more sustainable future drives us - we recognize the difference the right people make. After all, businesses don’t create change; people do. With a deep understanding of your ambitions, we find and develop the executive talent your business needs to build resilience, adapt and tackle climate change.

Why Acre?


An Established Network

Sustainability has been our only focus since 2003. What does that mean for you? Our network of purpose-driven leaders is expansive and truly unique.

We know the right people to drive your business forward; that are passionate about tackling systemic issues and realize the commercial benefits of purposeful leadership.

At the intersection of corporate, investment, NGOs, academia and the public sector - we have a track record of sourcing impactful C-Suite leaders.


At the Forefront of Change

We don’t just have experience finding the right people for new and emerging roles - we’ve been supporting our clients to design those roles, for 20 years.

Acre is proud to have had a founding role in shaping the face of sustainability in business; from SME firms scaling rapidly and providing impactful climate-focussed solutions, to larger corporates seeking to transition effectively. Acre is a party to the transition of sustainability into a boardroom agenda, and we know how to support you.


Unmatched Service and Expertise

The depth of knowledge and passion of our Executive Search specialists is what makes Acre a truly great partner.

The way we operate means that we don’t just deliver a shortlist – we care, and we want your leaders to have an impact.

We’ll ask questions, challenge, and advise on the best way to facilitate sustainable change across your organization, incorporating both purpose and profit into your future.

Meet the Team

What Our Clients Say

  • Ingrid Holmes - Testimonial

    ​​Ian was a pleasure to work with - really plugged into the sustainable finance space and opportunities there. Very supportive through the recruitment process. I highly recommend.

    Executive Director

    Green Finance
  • Andrea Chase - Arbonne International - Testimonial

    Catherine was an incredible ally throughout the hiring process. Her expertise and professionalism is only exceeded by her incredible commitment to finding the right fit for her clients. If only all recruiters were as great as those at Acre! Thank you for making hiring such a breeze.

    Arbonne International logo

    Andrea Chase, Director - CSR & Sustainability

    Arbonne International
  • Chantell Cooper - Arbonne International - Testimonial

    Quality firm with outstanding service and results!

    I really enjoyed working with Catherine. Very knowledgeable and professional!

    Arbonne International logo

    Chantell Cooper, Director - Talent Acquisition

    Arbonne International
  • Can Manufacturers Institute

    The person that I engaged with at Acre, Catherine Harris, was professional and helpful throughout the entire hiring process. She made sure that I knew what was required of me, answered any questions that I had in a thoughtful and speedy manner, and provided insightful feedback on my approach to interviews and presentations. I tell anyone who needs to find the most qualified sustainability professional that it is worth every penny to hire Acre to help them find the perfect person. Both the people hiring and people applying will be impressed with the high level of customer service that Acre provides.

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) logo

    Scott Breen

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)
  • Robert Budway - Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) - Testimonial

    ​​Catherine was excellent! She found great candidates and always responded promptly to our calls or emails. Plus she found us a great candidate whom we are very pleased with.

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) logo

    Robert Budway, President

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)

Featured Content

  • The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is Now Live

    The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is Now Live

    Download Here

    With over 2,200 responses, the report aims to paint a global, holistic picture of the sustainability profession within business and finance today.

    The 2023/24 Sustainability Census is Now Live
  • Outcomes Aligned Incentive Structures for Investment Managers

    ​​For this roundtable, and subsequent whitepaper summarising the discussion, we assembled representatives from asset owners, investment managers, family offices, foundations, private equity groups, and a responsible remuneration specialist in the UK to discuss the potential for outcomes-based investment products to offer an opportunity for investment managers to deliver greater value for their clients.

    Outcomes Aligned Incentive Structures for Investment Managers
  • Recognizing the Impact of our Investments - A Popular Choice?

    ​​Driven by a triple helix of change – environmental, regulatory and social – demand from investors for products which demonstrate tangible positive impact is rising rapidly. Our London office put together a panel to discuss: 'How is regulatory pressure affecting this growing market, and how can the investment industry capitalize on the opportunities it presents?'

    Recognizing the Impact of our Investments - A Popular Choice?

Service Overview

When should you engage Acre on an Executive Search?

Our team will be able to support you with Executive Committee or Non-Executive Director level roles where a comprehensive, whole of market search and an impactful, purpose-driven leader is required. 

What positions can Acre’s Executive Search Team support with?

Our Executive Search team focuses on enabling change by establishing impactful people within your business to drive the sustainability, corporate affairs, safety and responsible investment agenda.

 Roles we focus on:

-           Chief Executive Officers

-           Board of Directors

-           Chief Sustainability Officers

-           Corporate Affairs & Public Affairs

We have experience in appointing individuals as well as entire teams; from Boards and CEOs to Directors, VPs and other senior executives.

What types of business does Acre’s Executive Search Team support?

Our work isn’t limited by sector or location; our focus is on working with impactful, ambitious businesses with the potential to drive real change. We have appointed senior executives within larger corporates seeking to transition effectively, to SME firms scaling rapidly and providing impactful climate-focused solutions.

Why should you choose Acre over another Executive Search firm?

We will deliver all of the traditional elements you expect when working with an Executive Search firm, but our true value lies in the additional specialist insight that comes from 20 years of focus on Sustainability, Sustainable Finance, and Sustainable Energy.  

The knowledge, capabilities and experience of the people delivering your search, and the access that provides to our network, make us the go-to partner for Executive Search for progressive businesses.

What does Acre's Executive Search service provide?

Leadership assessments

Driving real change in purpose-driven professions takes more than technical expertise. From our experience in developing leaders in over 100 market-leading organizations, we understand the skills and behaviors required to drive this change.

Our comprehensive data analytics platform, developed in-house, encompasses data from 2,000 purpose-driven professionals to benchmark your team against; enabling informed decision making. We will utilize our data to ensure you’re finding the right match for your organization.

We include a leadership assessment, feedback session, and onboarding coaching as standard in our executive search processes.

A bespoke marketing campaign

Bringing the right people into your business has never been more competitive, or more challenging. To attract a progressive leader into your business, it is critical that you bring your organization’s journey towards a resilient and impactful future to life, in a way that sets the scene for a future where sustainability is embedded into the business’ DNA.

Our specialist marketing team can produce highly professional and visually appealing dual-branded materials to help bring your brand to life and to position your business as an employer of choice. We’ll work with your marketing and brand teams to ensure we're getting your messaging right, and will provide materials in PDF format, or hosted on our website via a dedicated landing page.

Click here to see an example of our Marketing Team's work, in a Candidate Information Pack recently produced for Crocs.

A dedicated Research Team, and all of the information you need to make the right decision

Our Research Team will work on your behalf to find the needle-in-a-haystack person you’re looking for. We will provide you with detailed documentation which outlines the breadth of the search, including market maps, salary benchmarking and detailed feedback, reinforced by the expertise and organizational support to drive an efficient, precise and sophisticated search.

Where can Acre carry out an Executive Search?

From our offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and soon to be Asia-Pacific, we can support you anywhere you are in the world. Our teams have a global network, reach and expertise.

Engage Acre on an impactful Executive Search.

Contact us at to arrange an initial conversation.