Our Networks

Our global network of senior executives and non-executives, operating at or near board level, includes well-known leaders from the private, public, and third sectors. We look for people who are passionate about tackling systemic issues, and realize the commercial benefits of purposeful leadership.


Nurturing Diversity

Evidence shows that companies with diverse teams and boards yield higher levels of profitability. Acre's Executive Search function is committed to supporting diversity, equality, and inclusion. As a key stakeholder in the recruitment process, this is both an obligation and an opportunity for a future-fit business.


Fostering Partnerships

We approach every search as a partnership. Our experienced consultants recognize the skills required to drive the ambitious agendas of our clients. They’re supported by a team of dedicated researchers who approach the marketplace with professionalism and discretion.

Meet The Team

What Our Clients Say

  • Feefo - Catherine

    ​​"Catherine was an incredible ally throughout the hiring process. Her expertise and professionalism is only exceed by her incredible commitment to finding the right fit for her clients. If only all recruiters were as great as those at Acre! Thank you for making hiring such a breeze."


    Trusted Customer

  • Feefo

    ​Quality firm with outstanding service and results! I really enjoyed working with Catherine. Very knowledgeable and professional!


    Trusted Customer

  • Feefo

    ​"Catherine was excellent!! She found great candidates and always responded promptly to our calls or emails. Plus she found us a great candidate whom we are very pleased with."


    Trusted Customer

  • Feefo

    Customer support and candidate management from Mr Suarez was outstanding!


    Trusted Customer

  • Can Manufacturers Institute

    ​"The person that I engaged with at Acre (Catherine Harris) was professional and helpful throughout the entire hiring process. She made sure that I knew what was required of me, answered any questions that I had in a thoughtful and speedy manner, and provided insightful feedback on my approach to interviews and presentations. I tell anyone who needs to find the most qualified sustainability professional that it is worth every penny to hire Acre to help them find the perfect person. Both the people hiring and people applying will be impressed with the high level of customer service that Acre provides."

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)

    Scott Breen

    Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)

Spotlight Content

  • Outcomes Aligned Incentive Structures for Investment Managers

    ​​For this roundtable, and subsequent whitepaper summarising the discussion, we assembled representatives from asset owners, investment managers, family offices, foundations, private equity groups and a responsible remuneration specialist to discuss the potential for outcomes-based investment products to offer an opportunity for investment managers to deliver greater value for their clients.

    Outcomes Aligned Incentive Structures for Investment Managers
  • The CR and Sustainability Market Survey is now closed!

    The 2020 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Market Survey, undertaken by Acre, Carnstone and Flag, has been developed to provide a comprehensive insight into the salaries & benefits, responsibilities and backgrounds of people working in the CRS sector.

    Our aim is for the results to divulge details on diversity, budgets and team sizes as well as drawing comparisons across the previous surveys.

    The CR and Sustainability Market Survey is now closed!
  • Recognising the Impact of our Investments - A Popular Choice?

    ​​Driven by a triple helix of change – environmental, regulatory and social – demand from investors for products which demonstrate tangible positive impact is rising rapidly. Our London office put together a panel to discuss: 'How is regulatory pressure affecting this growing market, and how can the investment industry capitalise on the opportunities it presents?'

    Recognising the Impact of our Investments - A Popular Choice?

Service Overview

Executive Search Service Overview


Acre is a specialist Executive Search consultancy supporting a range of functions to identify and recruit executive level individuals with niche expertise. From our offices in New York, London, and Amsterdam we are able to achieve global coverage throughout EMEA, the Americas, Asia, and beyond.

We work with Boards and Executive Committees to identify, evaluate, and secure the modern blend of skill sets required where performance, purpose, and reputation meet. We empower our clients through executive search and recruitment services, leadership development programs, and access to the relevant insights and networks, all with the purpose to bring the right individuals and organizations together. 

Executive Search and Recruitment

Our expertise focuses on those shaping change through developing and implementing compelling search strategy and campaigns across all of our disciplines. We have a strong track record in sustainability executive search, corporate affairs executive search, responsible investment executive search, EHS executive search, and energy executive search.

We have experience in appointing individuals as well as entire teams; from Boards and CEOs to Directors, VPs and other senior executives.

Leadership Assessment and Development

Acre has developed a unique leadership competency assessment service - Acre Frameworks - which enables our clients to make more impactful hiring decisions.

The ‘purpose’ agenda is creating an evolution in agile leadership and behavior skills that are required to identify emerging opportunity, asses risk, and build confidence across a broad range of stakeholders. Our revolutionary methodology provides a more rigorous assessment process to decrease the risks associated with hiring and supports individuals and teams to create a positive impact and deliver a sustainable future.

Network and Insights

Acre believes the leadership exists right now to solve our global challenges. Our purpose is to bring individuals and organizations together to collectively solve 'today's challenges'. We empower and support our community by bringing people together through practical events, presenting insightful thought leadership and providing access to our compelling networks, all in order to build and foster more impactful individuals and teams.