In March 2023, for a period of six weeks, data was collected from 2,253 sustainability professionals worldwide.

The survey tackled things like:

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    Do sustainability professionals feel that their organization's sustainability targets are achievable within the timeframes set?

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    Do sustainability professionals feel adequately compensated for tackling the greatest challenges of our time?

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    Are sustainability professionals receiving the backing they need to achieve their organization's targets?

I urge business leaders to momentarily step away from the intricacies of their daily operations and envision a redefined path forward. A great many unexplored strategies lay dormant, ready to be unearthed. These innovative approaches, when combined, have the potential to generate transformative tipping points, steering us towards a more positive and sustainable future.

Joseph Kenner - CEO of Greyston

While sustainability professionals are working to drive immediate action around sustainable change, one challenge they face is the lack of a global snapshot of where the true problems within the sustainability profession lie, along with the resources, funding, and talent needed to solve them.

The survey aims to help tackle this, uncovering that:

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    65% of organisations worldwide have made public commitments to sustainability.

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    Sustainability professionals across all sectors are sceptical about their organisation's ability to meet its sustainability commitments within the designated timeframes.

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    The United Kingdom reports the highest level of organizational dedication to advancing EDI.

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    North America hosts the largest remote workforce.

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