Hong Kong and Singapore Spar for Green Finance Dominance in Asia • Including Commentary from Acre's Paddy Balfour

12 December 2022 by Paddy Balfour
blog author

​​Hong Kong and Singapore are competing to be the financial hub of Asia for green finance, with trillions of dollars at stake. In a recent report, Bloomberg Green deep dives into Singapore’s slight edge with carbon trading, green bonds, and ESG asset management, while looking at Hong Kong’s strong presence in ESG assets and close ties to China. Both cities are ramping up ESG education and green initiatives, with Hong Kong having the edge in green space and public transport use. Acre’s Executive Director - APAC, Paddy Balfour, weighs in on the subject of ESG talent, stating that,

“Hong Kong’s restrictive COVID-19 travel policies have pushed ESG hiring toward Singapore in the last year,” and how, “When you look at ESG, you’re looking at a global talent pool”.

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Written by Sheryl Tian Tong Lee, Rebecca Choong Wilkins, and Kiuyan Wong for Bloomberg Green, published on 08.12.22, original source: Hong Kong and Singapore Spar for Green Finance Supremacy in Asia