Since 2003, we’ve been connecting talented candidates who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organizations to ensure that their people get home safe and well, every day.

Not only can our specialist environment, health and safety recruitment team find the best candidates for your EHS jobs, but we’ll also develop and nurture your existing teams to ensure they have the skills required for your business to prosper and progress.

We find and develop the current and future leaders that your business needs to build a safer, more sustainable future.

Our dedicated environment, health and safety recruitment service includes:

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EHS Recruitment

& Executive Search

For two decades, we’ve been in touch with the very best candidates in the environment, health and safety recruitment market, which means we can meet your ambitions by being a trusted partner for finding and developing the talent your business needs to make a lasting impact on your business, and society as a whole.

Our experienced EHS recruitment consultants, backed by our in-house talent development team, have an unparalleled track record of placing senior EHS executives at world-leading organizations.

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Talent Development

Acre Frameworks, our in-house talent development consultancy, is the market-leader in learning and development services for EHS and sustainability professionals.


Our coaches take the time to understand your business and your EHS teams, creating tailored development programs and delivering engaging learning experiences. We work with progressive organizations to create high-performing teams who will drive safe, sustainable change.

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Contract & Interim

EHS Recruitment

You need the right people, at the right time, to make a difference in the right places. Our global network of environment, health and safety professionals means we’re always in touch with market-leading EHS leaders, and we can quickly find the right people to achieve your EHS ambitions.

Our environment, health and safety contract and interim recruitment service, staffed by specialist EHS recruiters, supports businesses to expedite their health and safety projects, develop their EHS teams or provide cover for vacant EHS jobs.

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Meet The Team

What Our Clients Say

  • Paul Stoelker - ISS - Testimonial

    Great candidates and honest open communication.

    Ben Flint and the Team at Acre have managed to fill some crucial roles for us during the pandemic with excellent candidates. This has not been an easy process and I appreciate the dedication.

    Paul Stoelker, Head of Health & Safety

  • Neil Tipton - Siemens Energy - Testimonial

    ​​Acre has delivered an excellent project for our business and has exceeded expectations on the brief. The insight we and our EHS team have gained from this will assist them in becoming more agile, competent and prepared for future business requirements.

    Siemens Energy logo

    Neil Tipton, Head of Technical Safety and H&S Legal Compliance

    Siemens Energy
  • William Pilkington - Siemens Energy - Testimonial

    ​​Great team with great support and engagement throughout the process. I found the service offered by Ed and the team invaluable when moving into a new role.

    They have helped facilitated personal growth and development which in turn has helped me to better understand and develop my own capabilities to support my team, business unit and wider internal business community.

    Siemens Energy logo

    William Pilkington, Head of EHS

    Siemens Energy
  • Anonymous - Balfour Beatty - Testimonial

    ​​Excellent, intelligent, helpful recruiters, with a very thorough understanding of their job market and the skills of those looking for new positions.

    Environmental Manager

    Balfour Beatty
  • Vikki Ilieva - ISG - Testimonial

    ​​Great agency who really appreciate the human factor when jobs are available, and finding the correct fit for the employer. Highly respectful towards the candidates, and always keep you informed. Transparency and professionalism were all the way embedded in every action and arrangement. Really, really grateful for the hours of professionalism committed by the recruiter.

    ISG logo

    Vikki Ilieva, Lead Health & Safety Manager

  • Matt Peaty - Real Estate Management - Testimonial

    I find the Acre team to be thoroughly professional and innovative in both the recruitment and talent development markets. Acre Frameworks and the Advisory Panel is a vital and effective resource in developing good H&S leaders and individuals, as well as helping to change the UK public's perception of the H&S sector. I love working with Acre because I know it is mutually beneficial and they share our ethical and professional values.

    Matt Peaty, Head of Health & Safety

    Real Estate Management (REM) Ltd.
  • Richard Evans - International Tin Association (ITA) - Testimonial

    ​​Acre's Greg Brittian took the time to understand my career aspirations, didn't forget me as the years passed, and gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals. Greg invested in me over the long term and I don't think this is common in industry today. It was a win-win.

    International Tin Association (ITA) logo

    Richard Evans, ITSCI Implementation Manager

    International Tin Association (ITA)
  • Martin Coyd - Lendlease - Testimonial

    Frameworks is the kind of innovative and bold move we have come to expect from Acre. This initiative leads the way in driving a much-needed change in the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) profession and confirms Acre’s place as a market leader. The feedback from assessing the entire Lendlease EHS team has allowed us to refocus, engage, and develop our people to drive our organizational goal of creating an incident and injury-free workplace. Utilising Acre's assessment service as part of their recruitment offering supported us to make informed hiring decisions and to seamlessly transition new staff from recruitment into development.

    Lendlease logo

    Director of Environment, Health & Safety

  • Simon Walker - Mount Anvil - Testimonial

    The whole team found our Acre Frameworks development program very useful and many of the ‘areas of improvement’ identified in the report are now making their way into our appraisal process. The comparison against the different groups i.e. leadership and foundations was particularly useful in helping the team progress to the next role. I personally have found this to be really useful, firstly in identifying skills matrixes across the team but secondly, in comparing our team to the industry norm groups. We think we are a high performing team but comparing it to the wider industry has helped confirm where we can improve.

    Mount Anvil logo

    Director of Environment, Health & Safety

    Mount Anvil

EHS Recruitment Overview

We find impactful EHS professionals to make your business ready for tomorrow.

The unique challenges faced by today’s environment, health and safety profession include disruptive technology and data, a changing workforce demographic, a growing focus on wellbeing, as well as environment, health and safety professionals challenging the validity of the theories and approaches that the profession was built on.

So, more and more, organizations are requiring progressive EHS leaders to disrupt traditional thinking and deliver measurable impact at every level of an organization.

At Acre and Acre Frameworks, this is our core expertise; finding great leaders to drive the future of your business. With a deep understanding of your environment, health and safety ambitions, we find and develop the health and safety talent your business needs to build resilience, adapt and get people home safe and well, every day.

What areas of environment, health and safety recruitment does Acre operate in?

We have a strong focus on environment, health and safety recruitment within the construction, built environment and manufacturing sectors, but work across all industry sectors from financial institutions and technology companies.

Built Environment EHS Recruitment
We provide a specialist environment, health and safety recruitment service within the built environment landscape, supporting ambitious companies focused on sustainable urban planning and development, architecture, civil engineering and more. If you’re struggling to find the right people to drive change in your built environment jobs, get in touch today.

Browse our latest built environment health and safety jobs here.

Construction EHS Recruitment
The construction industry is more than aware of the urgency to build more robust sustainability foundations into its operations to lessen its environmental impact. Our market-leading network of sustainable construction EHS professionals is the largest in the EHS marketplace, which helps us identify candidates for construction environment, health and safety jobs who can make an immediate impact in mid-to-senior level roles.

Browse our latest sustainable construction EHS jobs here.

Manufacturing EHS Recruitment
We have a highly experienced manufacturing environment, health and safety recruitment team who have a proven track record of finding esteemed manufacturing EHS and risk professionals across the full sector landscape, from heavy industries to specialist or delicate operations.

Browse our latest manufacturing jobs here.

Environmental Recruitment
Driving impactful environmental change starts with cultural change. Our environmental EHS recruitment consultants are trusted by leading corporates, NGOs, non-profits and consultancies to build high performing environment, health and safety teams and to place well-established professionals into a range of environmental jobs.

If your business is ambitious to drive meaningful environmental change, get in touch with our specialist EHS recruitment team today.

Browse our latest environmental jobs here.

Quality Management Recruitment
We know how important it is for organizations to ensure that they’re meeting EHS requirements and continuously improving their processes. Our EHS recruitment consultants have filled an extensive range of quality management jobs with organizations of all sizes to ensure that our clients have the right people in their business to conduct quality management reviews, analyse data, perform internal audits and more.

If you’re looking for an HSEQ Director or a SHEQ Manager to join your business and drive change from day one, we’d be happy to help.

Browse our latest quality management jobs here.

Does Acre provide EHS contract and interim recruitment services?

In addition to our permanent EHS recruitment and executive search capabilities, we have a rapidly growing EHS contract and interim recruitment team, who work globally to source experienced EHS professionals. Whether you’re looking for someone with BREAAM/LEED expertise or someone with a thorough understanding of the construction EHS recruitment landscape, we have the largest network of HSE contract and interim specialists across the globe who are ready to assist.

What soft skills does Acre look for in an environment, health and safety professional?

We know that it takes more than technical expertise to succeed in EHS jobs, but recognise that there is a shortage of individuals with the non-technical skills required to drive change and deliver desired business outcomes. Our EHS recruitment and talent development solutions are designed to tackle this skill gap head-on.

We co-created a market-leading competency framework in collaboration with 100+ industry leaders to determine the key skills required for current and future EHS leaders to disrupt traditional thinking and deliver measurable impact.

Available at two levels, our framework assesses against the following competencies:

Foundations Level:
For junior to pre-management level professionals

  • Coaching

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Flexible to Change

  • Managing Challenge

  • Planning & Organising

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Taking Action

  • Team Player

Leadership Level:
For management to executive level professionals

  • Business Insight

  • Driving Change Through Others

  • Executive Influence

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Innovation & Courage

  • Leads High Performing Teams

  • Legacy & Impact

  • Strategy Development & Delivery

Find out more about our EHS leadership assessments here.

Why choose Acre to be your EHS recruitment and talent development partner?

We work with your people – the leaders of today and tomorrow – taking the time to understand the skills your business needs to achieve your ambitions and create impact.

And, with our permanent and contract and interim environment, health and safety recruitment capabilities, we can advise on talent solutions that are designed to deliver this change.

We believe that a continuous approach to development leads to different types of actions;
resulting in more thoughtful and impactful behaviors. That’s why our EHS learning programs include time between sessions to put theory into practice, providing an opportunity to reflect, think and take meaningful action.

Our experts take the time to understand your business and your EHS teams, creating tailored EHS leadership development programs and delivering engaging learning experiences through environment, health and safety leadership assessments, coaching and training.

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