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27 April 2022 by Acre
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What do we talk about in Episode 6: Future of the CSO?

With the role of the CSO ever-evolving, Acre has the duty of uncovering the skills, knowledge and insights from our network of current leaders in the industry to share with the next generation of change-makers. Over the last 3 months, Acre has teamed up with Mike Barry, previous CSO of Marks and Spencer, to interview the brightest and the best in the industry. ‘The Future of the CSO’ series will bring you an insight into how the role has changed, how it will continue to evolve, the skillset required and the challenges that will be faced. It is important that we keep learning, sharing and developing. 

Who is Miguel Veiga-Pestana?

Miguel Veiga-Pestana joined Reckitt as the SVP of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability in 2017 and is responsible for all aspects of strategic communications, and brand and reputation management. He was appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer in 2018 and is responsible for overseeing the development and integration of Reckitt’s sustainability and purpose-led agenda. Miguel has more than 25 years of global experience from leading cross-functional global communications teams, providing strategic counsel and communications at the board level, to inspiring employee and community relations engagement. Miguel shared an incredible insight into the development of the CSO role, the skillset required and valuable advice on what it takes to get into the space.

Who is Dani Brown?

Representing Acre as the co-host for episode six of the 'Future of the CSO' series is Dani Brown, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications. Dani specializes in recruiting senior executive, board and advisory roles across the Corporate Affairs, Communications, Public Affairs, Government Relations and Sustainability functions.  She works with a range of clients including corporates, agencies and membership and trade associations. Her expertise focuses on those shaping change through developing and implementing compelling strategic narratives, frameworks, policies and campaigns in an ever-changing and uncertain landscape with multiple stakeholders.  She has recruited Directors, Chairs and CEO’s all managing the reputation, purpose and trust of their organizations.

Who is Mike Barry?​

The second host to join the conversation is Mike Barry, Director of mikebarryeco and a long-standing leader in sustainable change. As the former Chief Sustainability Officer for Marks and Spencers, he is best known for his time at the organization achieving zero-waste-to-landfill status, moving to 100% renewable electricity and achieving carbon neutrality across the global estate of stores, offices and warehouses. Alongside this long-standing legacy, Mike brings an array of broad experience working at an international level of business, charities, think tanks and startups.

Please watch the full interview series on the Acre Vimeo Channel to learn more.


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