Green guru or strategic savant: Singapore companies make hard choices in CSO hires • With Commentary from Acre's Greg Brittian

03 April 2023 by Greg Brittian
blog author

Only half of the largest listed companies’ green generals came from previous sustainability roles, with many preferring operations and strategy experience.

​​​​In a recent article for the Business Times, Acre's Head of Sustainable Business, APAC, Greg Brittian, discusses the different paths company's can take when hiring sustainability leaders, as well as the trending skills associated with CSOs. The article looks at the largest listed companies in Singapore, and analyzes sustainability-related expertise, hiring backgrounds, and challenges.

​"CSOs should possess both relevant sustainability qualifications – even if they do not have a technical sustainability background – as well as exhibit strong leadership and strategic skills."

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Original Source: The Business Times| Written by Wong Pei Ting and Janice Lim | Published on 03/04/23