Risk recruiters try to stop people "falling into" insurance • Featuring commentary from Acre's Kate O'Rourke

13 February 2024 by Acre
blog author

In a competitive job market, recruiters prioritise encouraging individuals to actively choose insurance as a career path, as well as broadening the talent pool through diversification.

In a recent article, Insurance ERM presents a thorough analysis of the insurance sector as it stands today, looking at important themes such as the demand for talent, desired traits, sustainability, contract work, diversity, and leadership. Acre's Head of Banking and Insurance, Kate O'Rourke, weighs in:

"The demand for employees with ESG experience has increased over the last 18 months... ESG talent is being sought across the insurance value chain, including in risk, strategy and business functions. There has also been the evolution of new ESG roles in insurers' underwriting departments to help transition portfolios to being 'more green'."

Additionally, Kate notes that,

"Insurers also face a challenge in getting the best ESG employees, as the talent pool for insurance is less developed compared to other financial services."

To read the full article, click here.

Written by Joshua Geer for Insurance ERM, Published on 05.02.2024, Original Source: Risk recruiters try to stop people "falling into" insurance ​


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