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If you ask an environment, health and safety (EHS) professional why they do what they do, you’re likely to be met with a purpose-driven response. EHS is a highly desirable career path that offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to co-create safe and healthy workplaces within which employees can thrive.

Over the years, EHS has become increasingly embedded in the commercial DNA of a business. It is also changing rapidly and since Acre’s inception in 2003, the profession has continued to evolve drastically.

This document provides advice as to how an individual might forge a career in EHS. It is not a definitive guide and much of the advice is applicable to entering any profession; however, we hope that it supports you as you begin your journey into an important and satisfying career.

In the document we explore the following topics:

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    What job roles are available in EHS?

    Find examples of the variety of employment opportunities that relate to EHS.

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    How do I maximize my chances of securing a job in EHS?

    We have produced a strategy to keep you proactive in your job search. Our guide aims to maximize your chances of securing the position you are interested in.

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    What qualifications do I need to start a career in EHS?

    We have provided examples of colleges, qualifications and routes into a career within EHS.

The ideal background for someone looking to find a job in the EHS space is a mixture between academic qualifications, relevant experience and the right soft skills.

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    What skillset is required to work in EHS?

    We believe that the five examples of non-technical skills or traits listed in our guide are essential for success in the EHS profession.

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    What EHS networking events can I attend?

    We have listed links to networking events and sustainability meet-ups across the UK, Europe and the US where you can meet like-minded, passionate individuals.

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    How do I job hunt effectively?

    We have provided an example of a proactive strategy to help when applying for a job.

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    How do I make the most of informational interviews?

    Find out our tips on how to get the most out of your informational interviews.

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