Location London
Job-type Permanent
Salary £27,000 - £33,000
Reference ACRE-12615

Why are you here?

  • You thrive working with data and have an analytical mindset. You get a kick out of solving problems, creating efficiencies, and you enjoy working with people as much as you do with technology.

  • You're currently in an early-stage role related to data analysis or technology - or a similar position that requires you to be a detail-oriented organiser and an excellent problem solver - but you're ready to dive into something new.

  • You'd like to work for a company whose values align with yours - perhaps somewhere with a clear purpose or operating in an interesting sector.

If it sounds like you're in the right place, we'll tell you why we're here.

We're a global recruitment business focused on sustainability, tackling issues such as climate change, habitat loss and human rights. We've been doing this a long time - for twenty years - so we know what our clients are looking to achieve and the solutions that will get them there. Our head office is in London, where you'd be based, but we also have offices in New York, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our network, and our proprietary database powers our efforts. This enables us to deliver unparalleled insights and services to our clients, driving impactful and sustainable solutions to the markets we operate in. To keep ourselves at the forefront of innovation and excellence, it's crucial that our data is accurate and that our tech stack is working as seamlessly as possible for all areas of the business.

That's where you come in. If you were to join our data and technology team as a coordinator, what might your role look like on a day-to-day basis?

Data quality improvement

You will play an active role in designing and undertaking initiatives to improve and clean Acre's data. This will mean the deployment of a variety of technology solutions and participating in manual data cleansing activities.

Data research and analysis

You will support a range of functions, including Marketing, Finance, Advisory and Sales to originate and interpret data for a range of purposes, sometimes to support our internal processes, and sometimes to support client deliverables.

Technology infrastructure

You will support with the management of our hardware inventory, assessing user requirements and distribution to employees, as well as repairs, replacements, troubleshooting and set up.

Software management

You will be responsible for software maintenance, managing our software licenses and subscriptions and day-to-day usage. You will investigate and resolve bugs and will provide technical support for software-related problems (where necessary, coordinating with our outsourced tech support partner). You will contribute to the training and up-skilling of our team.

What will we need from you?

We're looking for someone with a strong technical aptitude and an interest in data; someone who takes initiative, likes to think of innovative solutions, and enjoys contributing to a collaborative team environment.

  • You will have a knack for organising data in a highly coherent and user-friendly way and will relish both the design of such processes, and the practical work that follows.

  • You will be a strong communicator, and know how to coordinate a variety of stakeholders - both internal and external - to make sure things are working seamlessly.

  • You will have strong organisational and time-management skills, able to oversee multiple tasks simultaneously and motivated to drive continuous improvement.

  • You'll be highly confident using and troubleshooting the Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel, and be able to demonstrate your ability to quickly master new systems, tools and concepts.

This newly established role is designed to bolster global efforts towards achieving excellence in both our technology infrastructure (built upon Salesforce, HubSpot and the Microsoft Office 365 suite) and our use of data.

If you're as excited about the thought of this role as we are, please get in touch with Andy Cartland at ac@acre.com.