Location Toronto
Job-type Permanent
Salary $Competitive
Reference 21195

Join Us in the Climate Change Revolution: Vice President of Marketing at Carbon Streaming

Are you ready to make a monumental impact on the fight against climate change?

Carbon Streaming is seeking an exceptional and forward-thinking marketing leader to drive their mission as the Vice President of Marketing. In this influential role, reporting directly to the CEO, you will spearhead their marketing strategy, sculpt the future of their brand identity, and orchestrate tactical execution that transforms the way the world sees and interacts with carbon emissions solutions.

Why Carbon Streaming?

At Carbon Streaming, they're not just a company; they're revolutionizing the battle against climate change. Through strategic investments in projects that curtail greenhouse gases, they are championing the preservation of vital ecosystems and the empowerment of marginalized communities worldwide. By generating carbon credits for every tonne of CO2 avoided or removed, they are partnering with global corporations to foster sustainability while supporting essential development goals. They are not just making a difference; they are shaping a greener, more equitable world.

Key Responsibilities

  • Architect and Execute Marketing Excellence: Craft and lead an all-encompassing marketing strategy spanning digital, social, creative, communications, and public relations. Drive campaigns that fuel awareness, captivate audiences, and ignite change.

  • Pioneering Insights and Strategies: Harness market research to spot trends, competition dynamics, and emerging prospects. Fuel the evolution of Carbon Streaming's marketing approach to align with their growth trajectory.

  • Championing Vision and Values: Collaborate with senior management to refine and amplify their brand's voice and mission. Shape their identity and drive resonance across diverse projects.

  • Mastermind of Brand Identity: Lead the development and guardianship of the brand's core identity, as well as the distinct identities of individual projects. Ensure a consistent, compelling presence across touchpoints.

  • Creative Marvel: Oversee the creation of magnetic marketing materials, content, and assets that adhere to brand guidelines and resonate with target audiences.

  • Measuring Impact: Establish performance benchmarks and metrics to gauge project marketing efficacy. Transform data into actionable insights, driving continuous enhancement.

  • Synergizing Sales and Marketing: Collaborate with the sales team to nurture leads, supercharge sales efforts, and amplify client acquisition.

  • Nurturing Excellence: Mentor and cultivate a dynamic marketing team, driving excellence and fostering growth.

  • Strategic Alliances: Identify and partner with external agencies to optimize execution. Foster partnerships with project collaborators, amplifying the collective impact.

Key Requirements

  • Decade of Marketing Prowess: 10+ years excelling in marketing leadership roles, coupled with a Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field.

  • Marketing Trailblazer: Demonstrated success in crafting and executing impactful marketing strategies. PR and campaign expertise are your second nature.

  • Brand Pioneer: A history of shaping and championing business-to-business brands, coupled with exceptional leadership and team management abilities.

  • Analytical Powerhouse: Adept at analytical thinking, problem-solving, and a data-driven, results-oriented mindset.

  • Communication Virtuoso: Exceptional communication skills, both written and spoken. You're a natural collaborator and influencer.

  • Digital Dynamo: Proficiency in marketing automation, analytics, and digital tools. You're at home in the digital realm.

  • Industry Oracle: A deep understanding of industry trends, emerging tech, and marketing best practices.

  • Relationship Extraordinaire: A network of marketing relationships you're poised to leverage for specialized services.

  • Carbon Crusader: Familiarity with the voluntary carbon credit market and the needs of its stakeholders.


  • Corporate Climate Champions: A network of Chief Sustainability Officers or corporate carbon credit buyers.

  • Advanced Pursuits: An MBA or advanced degree in a related field.

Your Impact Matters

Join Carbon Streaming in reshaping our planet's future. With your guidance, we'll not only transform the carbon emissions landscape but also make strides towards a more sustainable, equitable world. Your marketing prowess will propel us forward, revolutionizing the way the world combats climate change. If you're ready to redefine possibility and drive monumental change, we're eager to welcome you to the dynamic team.

Be the Change. Apply now and help us create a brighter future together.

For more information, please contact Lewis Murray at lewis.murray@acre.com.