Location Brussels
Job-type Permanent
Salary €Competitive
Reference ACRE-12485

ABOUT amfori

Our client amfori believes that companies can simultaneously focus on people and planet as well as profit. The organisation also believes that those companies need help to navigate through the complexities that come with increased sustainability expectations.

The name, amfori, is inspired by 'amphorae', containers used in ancient times to ship goods around the world. They symbolise the beginning of open global trade, which has brought economic growth, job creation and prosperity.

Founded in 1977, amfori has evolved into a leading business association for sustainable trade, supporting companies across the globe to operate successful and responsible businesses, by improving the Environmental, Social and Governance performance of their supply chains.


In order to address the increasing needs of amfori members to manage their businesses in a socially responsible manner, amfori is looking for a Senior Sustainability Expert - Social Domain.

The main objective of this position is to follow up on market trends and customer needs and formulate specific goals regarding new product developments or adjustments to existing products and services in order to achieve an optimum match between the products offered and the customer's needs and to enhance customer experience.


  • Keep abreast of market evolution and gather relevant information in order to proactively develop or adjust products and services.

    • Realize market insights to drive a better understanding of current and future customers and to enable informed decisions when choosing a specific product development option

    • Perform trend analysis and identify new opportunities

    • Select, apply, evaluate and, if required, adapt standard techniques and processes in order to use the most effective and efficient research techniques

  • Test member demand in order to meet customer needs and support scalable growth.

    • Articulate a value proposition in a way the target market can understand

    • Define the test-and-learn process and develop a prototype

    • Plan and execute the test

    • Evaluate the results and use them to decide whether to proceed, refine or abandon the idea

  • Product conceptualization in order to anticipate market evolutions

    • Formulate proposals for product development or enhancement

    • Align with internal stakeholders

    • Convert the research and test results into new product specifications in order to realize the adaptation of existing products or the implementation of new products

    • Conduct feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis for the improvement and development of products in order to know the full impact of the implementation

  • Build product partnerships in order to expand product offerings and mutually benefit.

    • Build relationships in order to connect for future collaboration

    • Work with other brands to complete amfori's service offering

  • Contribute to product development in order to meet customer expectations.

    • Define the purpose of the solution or product built and align design, production, and marketing to perfectly fit the customer's needs

    • Participate in and/or supervise the design process

    • Oversee technology development and keep the overview of budget, timing, quality and scope

    • Perform testing, detect and manage risks

  • Contribute to system/product revisions in order to ensure manage changes form new products or features.

    • Provide relevant information and feedback to Operations teams and Technology

  • Develop the training program for rollout in order to ensure maximum added value.

    • Provide relevant training content and design training concepts and materials

    • Provide 1st version of training, also within pilot project phases

    • Ensure handover to Capacity Building and Operations team

  • Promote the project to members and external organizations in order to "sell" it.

    • Provide input and content for communication plan and communications

    • Present to members and external organizations

    • Act as a content expert for the own domain


  • Master's degree in a related field

  • At least 5 years' experience in relevant field

  • Industry/Corporate experience is preferable

  • Proven project management skills and experience

  • Familiar with and pleased to work within an international context

  • Thorough working proficiency in English

  • Any other language is an asset


  • Office is located in Brussels but remote working from The Netherlands with travel to the office is possible



Our people are the core of our delivery and knowledge. We work as one team and embrace diversity. We acknowledge that collaboration makes us better.


We empower our people to own the problem and the solutions. We focus on doing the right things as per amfori's priorities and standards. We deliver what we promise.


We trust each other. We communicate openly and honestly. We demonstrate personal integrity and act ethically.


An agile mindset and continuous improvement are at the core of amfori. We listen and respond to changing expectations and needs. We always strive to achieve faster and better results.

If this sounds like the next step in your career, please apply below. If you have any questions, please contact Ricardo Pengel at Ricardo.Pengel@acre.com.