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In 2020, Diversity in Sustainability(DiS) launched its inaugural State of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Sustainability Survey. With over 1,500 responses, the survey provides valuable insights into current demographics, barriers to entry and advancement, as well as a view of individual experiences and organizational approaches to EDI.

It is our ambition that, together with organizations like DiS, we’ll soon see an equitable and equal playing field that enables an increase in employee engagement, a shift to more inclusive stakeholder relations, and a profession where diversity of thought and experience is embedded in every organization and their value systems.

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    In-depth interviews were conducted with over 30 sustainability practitioners to provide extra context and perspectives on the survey responses.

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    Responses predominantly stemmed from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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    With 1,500 respondents, this survey includes 37 questions and provides valuable insights into the sustainability sector.

Mounting pressure on organisations, institutions and businesses around social and economic injustice, as well as the undeniable impacts of climate inaction, are dictating a greater interest in corporate activity where businesses are being held accountable for the part they play in shaping society.

Chloë Hunt, Global Head of Research & EDI Lead

Results at a Glance

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    75% of respondents report having had a middle-class upbringing, 90% have at least a bachelor’s degree and 62% have a master’s degree.

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    Only 27% of all respondents felt that their leadership teams were diverse.

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    52% of respondents felt as though their organizations had put their words into action when it comes to EDI related matters.

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    White sustainability professionals report having the longest tenure in the sustainability profession and are more likely to hold senior roles; however, a demographic shift is ahead, with younger sustainability practitioners more likely to be people of color.

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​If you would like to download a copy of the results, please fill in the form below. You can also find more information about Diversity in Sustainability here. If you encounter any issues, please contact or call +1 917 475 0461.

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