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Hamid Senni
Inclusive Leadership and Talent Director
Currently based in London
Bench Accredited

Hamid Senni

Hamid is an Interim Diversity & Inclusion Specialist with particular expertise in designing and delivering programmes for European and inter...

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Peter Douben
Chemical Regulatory Consultant
Currently based in London
Bench Accredited

Peter Douben

Peter provides solutions in REACH policy, from assessing the impact of REACH within a business, to facilitating Consortia & SIEFs and prepara...

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Servane Mouazan
Strategic Social Innovations and Gender Leadership Consultant
Currently based in London
Bench Accredited

Servane Mouazan

<p class="p1"><span class="s1">Servane is a strategic conscious innovation consultant and design sprint master, ...

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Zoe Eccleston
Corporate Health and Wellbeing Consultant
Currently based in London

Zoe Eccleston

Zoe Eccleston is an experienced corporate health and wellbeing consultant, who has previously implemented sustainable programmes at Bloomberg, Vo...

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Rob Lake
Independent Responsible Investment Advisor and Coach
Currently based in Cambridge,London

Rob Lake

Rob works in the interconnected areas of sustainability, investment, and people. He helps institutional investors to align their strategy with th...

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Darren Broadhead
Health and Safety Leadership Development Specialist
Currently based in Leicester
Bench Accredited

Darren Broadhead

Darren Broadhead Consulting Ltd provides a range of strategic leadership Health and Safety services to business. Key services include high level ...

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Stephanie Hime
Specialist Environmental and Social Impact Consultant
Currently based in United Kingdom

Stephanie Hime

Stephanie is the founder and managing director of Little Blue Research, Ltd. a company that helps clients measure and value their social and envi...

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Michael Groves
Environmental Data and Reporting Specialist
Currently based in Edinburgh

Michael Groves

Michael has twenty years in environmental management, forest certification, sustainability reporting and environmental data analytics in the UK,...

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Nigel Smith
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Consultant
Currently based in United Kingdom
Bench Accredited

Nigel Smith

Nigel has 20 years of experience within the CR and Sustainability sectors. This includes several years as Director of CR at the British Retail Co...

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Amanda Cattermole
Chemical Management (eg. REACH) Consultant
Currently based in San Francisco
Bench Accredited

Amanda Cattermole

Amanda Cattermole leads Cattermole Consulting Inc., and has over 25 years experience in product development, innovation and sustainability. She i...

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Chris Davidson
Low and Zero-Carbon Energy and Policy Consultant
Currently based in London
Bench Accredited

Chris Davidson

Chris graduated in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College and co-founded Geothermal International in 2001 which grew to become the UK market le...

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Colleen Theron
Compliance and Modern Slavery Specialist
Currently based in United Kingdom
Bench Accredited

Colleen Theron

Colleen has over 20 years experience in environmental issues, and extensive knowledge of the commercial and regulatory issues affecting business....

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Shannon Houde
Ethical Leadership & Game Changer Coach
Currently based in Cambridge

Shannon Houde

Shannon helps advance careers for a more sustainable world. She has advised more than 200 sustainability practitioners across 50 global brands on...

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Mike Wood
HSE and Process Safety Consultant
Currently based in United Kingdom

Mike Wood

Mike is an experienced HSE leader with over 30 years’ experience in operations and HSE management within the high-hazard chemical and petrochem...

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Peter Watts
Environmental Sustainability Consultant
Currently based in London
Bench Accredited

Peter Watts

Peter is a highly experienced environmental sustainability professional he works with some of the UK's best known organisations helping them...

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Richard Sturman
Energy and Carbon Reduction Strategy Consultant
Currently based in United Kingdom,Cheshire

Richard Sturman

Richard is passionate about improving environmental sustainability. He uses his business strategy experience to ensure that sustainability object...

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Karin Mueller
Leadership development coach and sustainability communications expert
Currently based in London

Karin Mueller

Karin is an experienced leadership coach, sustainability and corporate communications manager with a strong track record gained over 20 years in ...

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David Lawrence
Sustainable Supply Chain Consultant
Currently based in Aberaeron
Bench Accredited

David Lawrence

David is an expert in enabling organisations to be more effective in their sustainability ambitions, through collaborating with others. He is cur...

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James Spurgeon
Natural Capital Consultant
Currently based in Oxford
Bench Accredited

James Spurgeon

James has 20 years experience quantifying and valuing environmental and social impacts related to natural capital and sustainability. He speciali...

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Beckie Herbert
Sustainability Strategy and Communications Consultant
Currently based in London

Beckie Herbert

Beckie specialises in sustainability and communications with 12 years experience in helping companies to develop and improve their strategy, perf...

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Marc Anton
Health and Safety Interim Consultant
Currently based in North Devon
Bench Accredited

Marc Anton

Marc is a professional Interim Manager with extensive experience delivering HSE at strategic, tactical, operational, project and legal compliance...

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David Short
Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing Consultant for Real Estate
Currently based in Reading
Bench Accredited

David Short

David is an experienced leader in the field of integrating sustainability and ESG into commercial real estate investment activities. He has advis...

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Michael Saxton
Sustainability Communications Director
Currently based in London
Bench Accredited

Michael Saxton

Michael is a highly-experienced communications and marketing practitioner with over 20 years’ experience spanning domestic and international pu...

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David Coates
Ethics and Culture Change Consultant
Currently based in Beaconsfield
Bench Accredited

David Coates

Highly experienced Culture Change specialist where ethics & compliance and associated behaviours is the focus. Strong track record of improvi...

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Emma Young (White)
Responsible Business Communications Consultant
Currently based in South East
Bench Accredited

Emma Young (White)

Emma Young has eighteen years of multi-national, corporate experience, the last ten of which have been specialising in corporate responsibility ...

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Edward Butt
Expert on corporate safety, environmental sustainability and responsibility
Currently based in London,Marlow

Edward Butt

Edward is expert in the management of occupational health & safety (OHS), environmental sustainability (E) and corporate responsibility (CR) ...

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Valborg Lie
Responsible Investment Facilitator
Currently based in Derby

Valborg Lie

Valborg is a Norwegian lawyer living in the UK with a decade of experience in development and implementation of responsible investment policies a...

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