Our market-leading network of Built Environment HSE professionals is the largest in the marketplace, helping us identify candidates who can make an immediate impact on HSE agendas in mid to executive level roles. Our consultants, specialists in the built environment health and safety field, are trusted by leading corporates, NGOs, non-profits and consultancies to build impactful teams and drive cultural change.

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HSE Executive Search and Recruitment

We’re constantly searching for the best built environment health and safety professionals for projects and organisations, augmenting our already impressive network with leaders who can drive cultural change. Our expert, experienced built environment health and safety recruitment consultants, backed by an in-house research team, have a strong track record of placing senior built environment health and safety executives at world-leading organisations.

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HSE Talent Development

Acre Frameworks sets the benchmark for competency assessment in the HSE profession. We help HSE leaders improve the performance of their built environment health and safety teams and individuals through robust behavioural assessments which identify skill gaps and provide objective data to backup hiring decisions.

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Contract and Interim

HSE Professionals

Our built environment health and safety recruitment team can also provide rapid access to highly experienced professionals for contract and interim roles to help forward-thinking businesses expedite their built environment health and safety projects, develop their teams or provide cover for vacant positions.

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Meet the Team

  • Acre Frameworks - Client Testimonials

    Clients from REM, Selfridges, Lloyd's Register and Vodafone discuss the impact that Acre's talent development solutions have had on their HSE teams.

    Various Clients

    Acre Frameworks
  • Paul Stoelker - ISS - Testimonial

    Great candidates and honest open communication.

    Ben Flint and the Team at Acre have managed to fill some crucial roles for us during the pandemic with excellent candidates. This has not been an easy process and I appreciate the dedication.

    Paul Stoelker, Head of Health & Safety

  • Tony Leach - Keepmoat Homes - Testimonial

    The feedback provided from the assessment process run by Acre Frameworks has enabled Keepmoat to fully analyse and understand the development needs of its senior SHEQ team. This is invaluable to Keepmoat as although the managers have the right technical skills, there is a need for them to have stronger management and leadership skills as their roles evolve in a growing business.

    Tony Leach, Group SHEQ Director

    Keepmoat Homes
  • Vikki Ilieva - ISG - Testimonial

    ​​Great agency who really appreciate the human factor when jobs are available, and finding the correct fit for the employer. Highly respectful towards the candidates, and always keep you informed. Transparency and professionalism were all the way embedded in every action and arrangement. Really, really grateful for the hours of professionalism committed by the recruiter.

    Vikki Ilieva, Lead Health & Safety Manager

  • Head of Health Safety & Security - ZSL - Testimonial

    ​​A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with the extremely talented Kendelle Tekstar from Acre Frameworks. I participated in some self-discovery around my non-technical competencies, with the aim of influencing and improving my thinking and behaviour, as part of my continued professional development.

    The whole process was very insightful and most certainly thought-provoking. I have come away with a much improved self-awareness and a discovery of self-development. I am just trying to be the best that I can by taking responsibility for self leadership. This positive process has highlighted areas which I was previously blinded to and where I now hope to address this and unlock the further potential for growth.

    Head of Health Safety & Security

    Zoological Society of London
  • HSE Director - Laing O'Rourke - Testimonial

    Laing O’Rourke have a vision for doing safety differently and this requires that we not only approach the subject with a different mindset, but that we consider the sort of attributes and characteristics that our people require to be successful in this new paradigm. Acre Frameworks gives us the insight required to allow both the organisation and, more importantly, the individual to focus on areas of strength and opportunity, allowing both to excel in these areas of new challenge.

    Health, Safety and Environment Director

    Laing O’Rourke
  • Martin Coyd - Lendlease - Testimonial

    Frameworks is the kind of innovative and bold move we have come to expect from Acre. This initiative leads the way in driving a much-needed change in the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) profession and confirms Acre’s place as a market leader. The feedback from assessing the entire Lendlease HSE team has allowed us to refocus, engage, and develop our people to drive our organisational goal of creating an incident and injury-free workplace. Utilising Acre's assessment service as part of their recruitment offering supported us to make informed hiring decisions and to seamlessly transition new staff from recruitment into development.

    Director of Health, Safety & Environment

  • Simon Walker - Mount Anvil - Testimonial

    The whole team found our Acre Frameworks development programme very useful and many of the ‘areas of improvement’ identified in the report are now making their way into our appraisal process. The comparison against the different groups i.e. leadership and foundations was particularly useful in helping the team progress to the next role. I personally have found this to be really useful, firstly in identifying skills matrixes across the team but secondly, in comparing our team to the industry norm groups. We think we are a high performing team but comparing it to the wider industry has helped confirm where we can improve.

    Director of Health, Safety & Environment

    Mount Anvil
  • Nick Martens - Keepmoat Homes - Testimonial

    A pleasure to work with and a great outcome.

    Acre distinguished themselves in their value proposition which is why we appointed them. What set them apart further was their delivery of an ambitious and complex project comprising the selection, assessment and recruitment of multiple senior people. Our partners, Johnny and Anna, were extremely professional and capable in their fields of expertise and I would highly recommend them and their colleagues to anyone considering sourcing top talent.

    Nick Martens, Director of Health, Safety & Sustainability

    Keepmoat Homes

Featured Content

  • 1 in 3 young workers turn down jobs if a business reveals weak ESG ratings

    ​Millennials and younger workers are already considered a force to be reckoned with, so it may come as a little surprise that they are turning down jobs with companies that lag behind when it comes to valuing ESG factors.

    According to a new study by professional services firm KPMG, businesses lacking robust environmental, social and governance credentials are not appealing to younger prospective candidates who are searching for a more environmentally friendly and purpose-driven role.

    1 in 3 young workers turn down jobs if a business reveals weak ESG ratings
  • Becoming a Coach

    ​​Hi! I’m Ana, and I’m a Coach at Acre Frameworks. I’m the newest team member, although I’ve been part of Acre for almost 2 years. I wanted to share my story about why I became a Coach, as it’s not exactly a typical profession that’s talked about at university career days.

    I was interested in human behaviour from a young age – I was an observant child (according to my family), and I always asked ‘why.’ For example, why people were motivated to do what they do, what made them tick, and the reasons behind their decision-making was always fascinating to me. But how could I forge a career out of my interests?

    Becoming a Coach
  • Utilising the Skillsets in Your Workplace

    ​​The BBC recently published an article on age discrimination in the workplace entitled "Over-50s at work: 'You feel your usefulness has passed'’. Although I’m not in that age bracket, I’m certainly not in the first flush of youth, either! It made me reflect on the skills and experience I’ve gained not only through the kind of jobs I’ve had throughout my career but also what I’ve learned from other people – whether they are a line manager, inspirational CEO, or colleague who’s had a different experience to me.

    Utilising the Skillsets in Your Workplace
  • Funding for pioneering nature projects to identify carbon capture

    Natural England has announced a £4.3 million funding package to trial carbon capturing and benefit a handful of projects across England.

    CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere using nature-based solutions, which will not only tackle challenges affecting people and nature but also prevent emissions from agricultural land and degraded natural sites.

    Funding for pioneering nature projects to identify carbon capture
  • Are you mindful when unwrapping a bar of chocolate?

    Are you mindful when unwrapping a bar of chocolate during your favourite Christmas movie?
    This question is slightly misleading - I’m not interrogating consumption levels, but rather focusing on the packaging wrapped around your moments of indulgence. While the rustling sound of unwrapping a chocolate bar is satisfying to the senses, the negative impact packaging waste inflicts on the planet is catastrophic.

    Are you mindful when unwrapping a bar of chocolate?

Service Overview

Health and Safety Recruitment | Built Environment Recruitment Service Overview

Acre has recruited in the field of health, safety and environment for over 10 years and we have seen the market and skill set develop dramatically over this time. We have been fortunate to work on many of the world’s most impactful HSE roles and have global capabilities with offices in London, New York and Amsterdam.

Our Services:

We recruit at management to executive level and operate globally, working with large corporates but also with other organisation types such as consultancies and multi-stakeholder initiatives concerned with improving HSE standards for workers in the developing world. Our Executive Search offering is trusted by world-leading organisations to place leaders in roles that drive forward their agendas.

We have a strong focus on built environment health and safety recruitment but work across all industry sectors from manufacturers, to financial institutions and technology companies.

In addition to our permanent and executive search recruitment capabilities, we have a growing contract and interim HSE recruitment team, who work globally to source experienced professionals, often for large infrastructure and built environment health and safety projects. We can also support our clients with consultancy assignments via our Acre Bench, a group of best-in-class built environment health and safety and sustainability interim consultants and freelancers.

An Evolving Profession:

Over the years, we have seen the built environment health and safety profession evolve from being primarily a technical function, to one which is far more relevant to the broader commercial aspirations of business. As such, the competencies required, particularly at leadership and executive level, have developed a great deal. Modern built environment health and safety leaders are likely to be highly effective change managers, innovative and will have the ability to develop high performing teams, often with a global perspective.

Supporting the Transition:

Acre is supportive of this transition, and has developed a unique tool to assess the leadership and business competencies of HSE professionals, Acre Frameworks which has been developed in conjunction with many of the world’s leading HSE professionals. Beyond assessing these capabilities, our Frameworks team are able to support development through coaching and training at individual and team level.​

The HSE roles we recruit for are in disciplines such as:

Contact Us:

Get in touch today to discuss our Health and Safety recruitment and HSE recruitment services across the Built Environment.