American Seafoods is an industry-leading harvester, processor, distributor and marketer of a diverse array of seafood products from sustainably managed fisheries in U.S. waters off Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We are a relatively small organization, but our impact is anything but. Based out of our offices in Seattle and Dutch Harbor, Alaska, we are a dynamic and electric team of passionate individuals with a pioneering spirit that drives us to invent new ways of moving our business and industry forward.

We are proud to feed the world.

From rich source waters, we sustainably harvest a quality catch, which we manage responsibly - and with gratitude - to feed (literally) billions of people around the world. We are proud to provide better food, sourced from a better place. We also take great pride in the following:​

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    Longstanding Operational Excellence

    Our experienced captains and crews demonstrate mastery every day. Working tirelessly within ever-changing conditions, we sustainably harvest and process fresh-frozen wild whitefish at sea. Employing best-in-class logistics, we ensure the highest quality standards across global distribution.

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    Exemplary Environmental Stewardship

    We are unwavering in our commitment to advance best practices—measuring our impact, investing in the environmental soundness of our fleet, and providing end-to-end transparency—to protect and maintain these invaluable natural resources.

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    Invested Strategic Partnerships

    Understanding the goals of customers—and the demands of their consumers—drives everything we do. We share our vision and insights with those who embrace the benefits of wild-caught whitefish. And with those partners, we work together to create growth in business and in community.

We want to take a leadership role in reducing our ecological footprint through fleet renewal strategies, technological breakthroughs, offsetting carbon use, and even through our growth strategy by managing investments in new product portfolios

As part of this commitment, we're hiring a Chief Sustainability Officer and Public Affairs.

This is a key strategic position responsible for promoting American Seafoods' interests throughout the complex regulatory, political, and competitive environment and to do so while championing and shaping our leadership in the environmental and social agenda.

In this role, you'll be an important member of our leadership team, working alongside our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Legal Officer, President Fishing, CFO, President Logistics, and Sales and Marketing.

You'll be a powerful thinker and an agile politician, with the following:

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    A Proven Track Record

    You'll have had prior success in developing and executing Sustainability journeys with other companies of similar size and scope

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    Demonstrable Market Experience

    You'll have experience in the Carbon marketplaces, energy alternatives and overall sustainability methodologies

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    An Established Network & Strong Expertise

    You'll have strong external public relations expertise to develop and manage communications to key stakeholders including investors, governmental agencies, industry organizations, and more. 

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    Ability to Drive Change Through Others

    You'll be a natural leader with a proven ability to work collaboratively across internal and external networks, influencing and inspiring others to take ownership of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Download a Copy

This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the next chapter of this historic fishing company. To learn more about us and this important hire, download a copy of our Candidate Information Pack. ​

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Harris ( - Head of CR & Sustainability, North America - who is leading this search.

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