Acre’s Sustainable Finance Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2021: Launch Press Release

25 November 2021 by Grace Coleman
blog author

Acre today announced the launch of its first Equity, Diversity & Inclusion survey focussed specifically on the Sustainable Finance market. The first and only survey of its kind, the survey is designed to develop a baseline understanding of today’s state of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within sustainable finance professions.  

“We have seen dramatic growth in the Sustainable Finance & impact investing space over the past ten years and in the last 2 years a greater acceleration than ever before. An indication perhaps that momentum is building to seek to address the socio-environmental challenges humankind faces,” says Ian Povey-Hall, Executive Director – Sustainable Finance at Acre. “We can only hope to succeed in creating the right solutions if we support the move towards a sustainable, diverse and more equitable future. We recognise Acre’s role in driving positive change for both our industry and the planet, and we hope that you’ll support us in our mission by taking part in the survey.”

The survey is now open until 14th December, and all impact investing and sustainable finance practitioners are encouraged to participate. You’ll answer questions on gender and ethnicity, socioeconomic background and salary – taking 5-10 minutes to complete. The answers to those questions will be used to give a picture of:  

  • How diverse is Sustainable Finance across race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social mobility, education, religion, disability and neurodiversity  

  • What does the diversity pay gap look like? 

  • An understanding of the routes taken to enter Sustainable Finance industry and experiences within the sector

The hope is that the data will further the markets’ understanding of EDI, within sustainable finance, as we seek to move towards a more inclusive society. Acre aims to play a key part in driving that understanding of EDI and embedding sustainable changes into our clients’ organisations. “It is our ambition that, through engaging with data collected by surveys such as this one and driving positive action, we’ll soon see an equitable and equal playing field that enables an increase in employee engagement, a shift to more inclusive stakeholder relations, and a profession where diversity of thought and experience is embedded in every organisation and their value systems.” Says Chloë Hunt, Global Head of Research & EDI Lead at Acre.  

If you are interested in a discussion on career options or benchmarking your own salary and compensation levels when the data is validated – or you’d like to address any asymmetries in compensation within your organisation, or provide opportunities for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds – please get in touch with  

The Sustainable Finance Equity, Diversity & Inclusion survey can be taken here:

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