PEI Q&A: Acre on the Growing Demand for ESG and Impact Talent

03 February 2022 by Grace Coleman
blog author

​Private Equity International (PEI), the global publication that is best known for its focus on informing and connecting private markets, has released its 2022 Responsible Investment Special Report. The report covers topics ranging from climate action and sustainability regulations to diversity and inclusion efforts and impact investing. To download and read the full report for yourself, please click here.

With the increasing competition and demand for sustainability talent in private markets, Acre’s Executive Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing, Ian Povey-Hall sat down with PEI to share a Q&A on recruitment trends in private equity. To download and read the full Q&A for yourself, please click here. 

​"Sustainability is being seen by more investors as a driver of outperformance, as opposed to just a prerequisite of a firm's regulatory and societal licence to operate." - Ian Povey-Hall, Executive Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing

To discuss upcoming opportunities within impact investing and to learn about how Acre can support your sustainable finance requirements, please contact Ian via