Job-type Permanent
Reference BBBH9152_1605625502


Planet Tracker is a financially rooted think-tank, pooling the expertise of seasoned financial market professionals with environment, industry and scientific experts. https://planet-tracker.org/

Planet Tracker was created to investigate market failure related to ecological limits. This investigation is for the investor community where other ecological limits, in contrast to climate change, are poorly understood and even more poorly communicated, and not aligned with investor capital


As a senior hire at Planet Tracker this position will be instrumental in the development of this new initiative. The Senior Analyst will be tasked with managing and growing a new Textiles Tracker programme, seeking to identify material financial market exposures to planetary boundary related risks within the Textiles, Apparel & Luxury goods sector. These exposures are assessed across institutional investors, listed corporates and financial services groups. The senior analyst will deliver risk focussed analysis to clearly define the environmental and social impact of capital markets and the companies and investors who participate in them.

The Senior Analyst will be responsible for in-depth analysis and research production. This will include synthesis of findings and writing of high-level reports for external delivery to the finance community. The two primary streams of research will be financial investment on one hand and natural capital analysis on the other.


  • To scope, conceptualise, and support the delivery of an investment/finance-oriented research programme including, but not limited to, in-depth data analysis on companies; financial securities (equity, debt, commodities); and market-based regulation;

  • Undertake comprehensive analysis of corporate shareholdings and articulate the critical material environmental risks posed to these positions;

  • Evaluate capital market investment flows from institutional investors to corporate stakeholders where necessary via conduits such as banks, project finance, insurance or other intermediaries;

  • Synthesise the findings from Planet Tracker research into groundbreaking analysis and narrative and ensure high level production of regular briefing papers and major Tracker Reports for the financial, corporate and academic communities;

  • Responsible (in consultation with the programme heads and executive team) for designing and assimilation of the Textile Tracker yearly work plans and owning the implementation of the Textile Tracker's content and strategy;


A candidate for this position must have the following skills and attributes:


  • Demonstrable experience of delivering company level financial valuations on either the buy or sell side (preferably the sell side)

  • Experience of delivering thematic research within the global consumer discretionary space, ideally with coverage of textiles specifically

  • Strategic vision to deliver compelling research for a wide range of investors

  • Strong analytical skills demonstrated through research outputs produced over time

  • In depth understanding of investment analytics requirements

  • Strong writing skills with the ability to produce analytical papers in a timely fashion


  • Demonstrable commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and bettering our world

  • A team player who works collaboratively with people for a collective goal

  • Ability to work in an international environment and to be able to inspire people from different backgrounds and cultures to work well together

If you feel you have the relevant skills and experience, please get in touch today: andrew.mullins@acre.com