Since 2003, we’ve been connecting talented corporate affairs and communications candidates who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organisations to drive sustainable change.

Our expertise adds great value; but, this needs to be balanced with a deep understanding of your business.

To deliver informed solutions, we will both advise and challenge. Then, we'll connect your business with change-makers, and develop their skills so that they can excel in their next corporate affairs job.

What are corporate affairs and communications jobs?

Corporate affairs and communications roles are essential for ensuring that a company's sustainability journey is communicated in a way that's honest, accurate and reflective of the tangible steps that it is taking to support a low carbon economy.

At Acre, we place corporate affairs and communications professionals in organisations to drive their sustainability stories forward with momentum.

In a corporate affairs and communications role, you’ll work with a variety of stakeholders, including other organisations and the media, to ensure that your business’ sustainability credentials are accurately represented and that your commitments and actions towards net-zero are articulated in a way that is clear, honest and compelling.

Why are corporate affairs and communication jobs important?

Historically, companies have not placed a big emphasis on sustainability. Rather than being a fundamental part of their business, sustainability was often seen as something that would be “nice to have.”

Corporate affairs and communications professionals have the ability to make an impact with ambitious organisations that are positioned at the forefront of sustainable change.

They manage the way that both internal and external stakeholders perceive their company, and help to hold the company to account on ensuring that its sustainability values are upheld and that its commitments are honoured.

Therefore, corporate affairs and communications professionals can help their organisations work to become more sustainable, ensuring a greener future for all.

What types of corporate affairs and communication jobs can you find with Acre?

At Acre, we work with a range of different organisations that are looking for exceptional corporate affairs and communication professionals; this means we are able to operate across the full breadth and depth of the corporate affairs and communications industry.

We recruit a wide range of different corporate affairs and communications professionals in a variety of roles including head of corporate affairs jobs and corporate affairs officer roles.

We offer many different recruitment services, including a tailored public affairs recruitment service.

We are also growing our worldwide coverage with offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore.

Contact us today to discover more corporate affairs and communication job opportunities and to learn more about our corporate affairs and communication recruitment team.

What kind of skills are needed for corporate affairs and communication roles?

Every corporate affairs job is different and therefore, depending on the company, the expectations of technical skills could differ wildly. The job requirements will depend on the role itself, the individual and the company.

At Acre, we recognise the importance of not only technical skills but also non-technical skills, and we work hard to ensure that we fully assess the technical and non-technical capabilities of our candidates.

We utilise our bespoke competency framework of non-technical to help us discover what “good” truly looks like in the workplace. Our competency framework is made up of data from over 2,000 purpose-driven professionals.

Everyday, we help organisations and individuals discover their potential as we help to fill and create corporate affairs and communication positions.

Are there any corporate affairs and communication jobs available now?

For many corporations - small or large - a corporate affairs and communications professional is essential for ensuring that all parties affiliated with the business have a clear understanding of the business’ goals and objectives.

Whether you need to fill or create corporate communications jobs, our corporate affairs and communications recruitment team can help point you in the right direction.

Click here to find out more about our corporate affairs and communications recruitment team, and if your business is interested in creating corporate affairs and communication jobs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are some useful resources for a corporate affairs and communication professional to have?

If you’re considering a career in corporate affairs and communications, or you simply want to find out more about corporate affairs and communication roles, click here to read our latest thought leadership.


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