​At Acre, we have over 2 decades of experience in health, safety and sustainability recruitment. We have an extensive track record of finding talented individuals and matching them with aspirational businesses.

We work on developing candidates’ skills so they’re ready to succeed in their next fire safety role.

We are one of the leading sustainability and health and safety recruitment agencies worldwide - and we have an unrivalled track record.

What is fire safety?

Across most industries, fire safety is essential. Fire safety is a set of practices and codes designed to limit the risk of fire.

Fire safety is used at various stages of development; from the start of construction to long after a building has been completed. It is designed to keep everyone safe from fire, and often identifies fire hazards that could create large, uncontrollable blazes.

Fire safety is a subsection of health and safety and is a vital component of health and safety practices.

Why is fire safety important?

Fire safety is crucial in a wide variety of different industries - from construction to built environment, manufacturing and everything in between. In these industries, work simply cannot go ahead without the right fire safety employees.

These fire safety professionals are vital for the smooth running of a site, ensuring that no-one is at risk from fire on site and that all potential risks are mitigated.

It is important that companies remain compliant with the law, but it is even more vital that people are kept safe at all times. That’s where fire safety professionals come in; ensuring that everyone gets home safe and well at the end of the night.

What types of fire safety jobs can you find with Acre?

We work with a range of different companies hiring fire safety professionals​ across a wide range of sectors including;
Built Environment
Environmental Management
We are also growing our worldwide coverage with​ offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore.
Contact us today to discuss our upcoming opportunities in the fire safety jobs market, and to hear more about our health and safety recruitment services including our contract and interim offering.

What kind of skills are needed for fire safety roles?

Every fire safety role is different, and for each job, different technical skills may be required.

The skill requirement will vary depending on position, organisation and the candidate, but fire safety professionals will be expected to be able to communicate proficiently and have a thorough attention to detail.

At Acre, we don’t just assess technical skills, we also know how important it is to assess non-technical skills too.

Our bespoke competency framework of non-technical skills helps us find out what “good” looks like in the workplace, and this is built on data of over 2,000 purpose-driven professionals.

Everyday, we help organisations and individuals discover their potential, helping to create and fill fire safety positions.

Are there any fire safety roles available now?

We work with both firms with long established needs for fire safety professionals and with organisations just starting to employ health and safety professionals.

Whether you need to fill or create fire safety jobs, our health and safety recruitment team can advise you on the best strategy for your business.

Click here to find out more about our health and safety recruitment process and if your business is interested in creating or filling fire safety officer jobs or fire safety advisor jobs, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

What are some useful resources for a fire safety professional to have?

If you want to learn more about roles in fire safety or you’re thinking of starting a career in fire safety - click here to read some of our latest thought leadership. If you're thinking about changing career direction, or you've just started out in your career, click here for career advice from our career hub.