​23 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Sustainability

01 February 2018 by Rachel Frost
blog author

Twitter is a great forum for sharing business intelligence and facilitating discussion on sustainable issues in business. But there are millions of people out in the Twittersphere, so how do you go about finding those sustainability tweets and accounts that actively engage with their followers on sustainability topics?

At our sustainability recruitment agency, we have whittled down what we think is an inspiring list of 23 interesting movers and shakers who actively tweet on sustainability issues and who you might find worth following, in no particular order.

1. @sustaincities

Sustainable Cities Collective pretty much does what it says on the tin (recycled of course). This is a moderated community for leaders of major metropolitan areas, urban planning and sustainability professionals. The organisation provides resources for all who are connected to urban planning, sustainable development and urban economics. It hopes to create a community where people can learn about the advances in how cities are becoming smarter and greener in the 21st century. Tweets are posted several times a day.

2. @treehugger

This New York-based media outlet delivers up-to-date info in a bid to drive sustainability mainstream. It aims to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions and product information. Treehugger.com publishes an up-to-the-minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, and regularly updated Twitter and Facebook pages.

3. @Forum4theFuture

This independent non-profit organisation works globally with business, government and other establishments to solve complex sustainability challenges. It helps companies across the globe find ways to create a sustainable future. While the focus is on changing the food and energy systems, which are vital in delivering a sustainable future, the Forum also works in other sectors such as shipping, finance and digital technology.

4. @uksustain

Sustain runs a multitude of different projects and campaigns to improve food and farming, with the help of its members and other supporters.

The alliance for better food and farming advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals.

Sustain represents around 100 national public interest organisations working at international, national, regional and local level and the tweets keep you abreast of latest food/related issues, for example why kids should drink milk and quit sugary drinks.

5. @ELDaily

Environmental Leader is the leading daily trade publication keeping corporate executives fully in the know about energy, environmental and sustainability news. Tweets fly in several times a day on a wealth of topics from using sustainability to strengthen your business to giving an executive view on sustainability.

6. @edie

edie is a market-leading information resource, driving sustainability in business. A trusted and integral part of the workflow of 60,000+ sustainability professionals, it delivers daily news and commentary, expert advice and business tools. It tweets the latest news and information for sustainability and resource efficiency professionals.

7. @interface_uk

Interface is the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tiles. It is also striving to be the first company to be fully sustainable – with zero negative impact. The firm calls this Mission Zero and believes it will be achieved by 2020. Follow its Twitter account for inspiration and updates on its progress.

8. @MarcGunther

Marc is the editor-at-large at Guardian Sustainable Business US. The veteran journalist, writer and speaker posts tweets several times a day, updating his followers on everything including how to grow fresh food at home through use of an ecosystem. He is particularly interested in non profit organisations.

9. @adamelman

Adam Elman is the global head of Plan A delivery; Marks and Spencer’s ethical plan.

His regular tweets highlight the sustainability topics of the day with his own opinions where he deems necessary, the carrier bag charge debate being one of them. The 5p charge IS working y’all. Adam said so and let’s face it, he should know.

10. @kuminaidoo

Kumi Naidoo is the international executive director for Greenpeace. His Twitter account is updated by Kumi himself as well as his Greenpeace team and is pretty much what you would expect it to be. There are tweets with links to some engaging articles.

11. @CSRint 

This twitter sustainability account is aimed at CSR professionals, students and enthusiasts. The regular tweets highlight the green news of the day plus more quirky articles including a piece on trainers that are made from rubbish in the ocean. It also had an interesting tweet on the “Top 10 foods with the biggest environmental impact”. And guess what? Eating a kilo of lamb is the equivalent of driving 90 miles. Seriously! Who knew.

12. @elainecohen

Elaine Cohen operates one of the best sustainability twitter accounts. She flags up all kinds of information in her tweets. The Israel-based CSR consultant and sustainability reporter has tweeted about everything from the fact Celine Dion has performed more than 900 times in one venue (really? Like, REALLY?) to what’s new on the CSR reporting blog.

13. @huffpostgreen

Huffpostgreen is one of the most followed twitter accounts for sustainability. They tweet the latest updates on all things…well, green. From polar bear watching and a deer photobombing a baby pic to an article on how human waste could light up to 138 million homes (which gives Pooh Corner a run for its money), this Twitter account is rather addictive.

14. @davidcoethica

This is the Twitter account of David Connor, a strategist from Liverpool who is an excellent source of CSR knowledge. He is well-versed in using social media to communicate the CSR message. His tweets bring green news under the spotlight and he tweets several times a day.

15. @greenbiztweets

Greenbiztweets is one of the best twitter accounts to follow for sustainable businesses and green ideas. Hugh Byrne, Senior Vice President of the Green Biz group, tweets frequently throughout the day on all environmental issues, with a few personal notions thrown in.

16. @2degreesnetwork

This is the world’s largest community for professionals wanting their business to grow by being more sustainable. Original tweets include 13 Scary Sustainability Facts, arguably more frightening than Halloween itself. For example, did you know some fizzy diet drinks contain aspartame which is made from the fecal matter of genetically modified E.Coli bacteria? Pretty thirst quenching stuff, huh!

17. @SustAbility

This is the Twitter account of think tank and strategic advisory firm SustainAbility. The company helps other businesses innovate and lead the way to a sustainable future. Tweets are posted several times a day with green news updates and environmental notes of interest.

18. @worldresources

They will post tweets about environmental issues ranging from sustainable cities to climate change. The World Resources Institute is a global research institute spanning more than 50 countries. Its work focuses on six critical issues: climate, energy, food, forests, water, and cities and transport and the tweets reflect this.

19. @mothernaturenet

Mothernaturenet brings environmental news and green inspiration through its tweets. From tweeting a link about why big animal poo matters to six cool things you can make from an old pair of jeans, these tweets have everything covered.

20. @sustainbrands

This is one of the sustainability twitter accounts to follow and it is jam packed with tweets by Sustainable Brands, home to the global community of business innovators who are shaping the future of commerce world wide. Its goal is to equip today’s business and brand leaders to prosper for the near and long term by leading the way to a sustainably abundant future. Tweets include how to tell a sustainable brand story that your customers will listen to and latest strategies for integrating sustainability into your organisation.

21. @planetgreen

This account offers practical everyday tips on how to live a greener lifestyle. It keeps followers updated on all aspects of green news, plus all the lighthearted stuff in between.

22. @OurOcean

This twitter account is the U.S. based ocean conservancy which works to keep the ocean sustainable and healthy, in order to keep people healthy. The organisation educates and empowers people to defend and protect the ocean, its wildlife and the people who earn their living from it. Tweets include facts on the red snapper fish and how one city in the Philippines is setting an example for the world.

23. @GuardianSustBiz

The Guardian's sustainability account has cutting edge comments on sustainability issues and is frequently updated with new tweets. From the benefits of drinking organic wine to shedding light on the palm oil industry, this Twitter account needs to be added to your Favourites. Mmm, organic wine.

Of course, we have only just scraped the surface so do let us know other Twitter accounts you feel are worthy of a mention at marketing@acre.com.