Burberry nets a new eco coat range made from plastic

05 August 2019
blog author

​A luxury brand has given a whole new meaning to the plastic mac that we used to know.

Burberry has refreshed its ‘car coat’ design to make it more environmentally friendly, featuring nylon made from scraps of plastic and fishing nets.

The fashion house has launched its new capsule collection which has been created from Econyl, a sustainable form of nylon made from fishing nets, industrial plastic and fabric scraps.

Burberry’s collection of coats and jackets comes as a result of its collaboration with Aquafil, a firm specialising in making recycled nylon. Aquafil has previously partnered with luxury brand Prada, swimwear firm Speedo and sports brand Volcom.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on earth, due to using enormous amounts of water and energy, so the use of materials such as Econyl will help reduce its considerable environmental impact.

Fashion brands are researching ways to limit their environmental impact and many are looking for more sustainable fabrics to replace leather, cotton, denim and cashmere.

In the past, Burberry has experimented with using waste coconut shells in quilted jackets and has developed Refibra, a yarn made from upcycled cotton, to make its protective bags.

Pam Batty, vice president of corporate responsibility at Burberry, said: “We are proud to use the Econyl yarn in this collection because it shows how we can actively tackle a problem like plastic waste and create beautiful, luxury products at the same time.

“This collection is just one of the ways Burberry is actively disrupting and improving every stage of how we create our products because we know our industry can play a key role in building a more sustainable future through science and innovation.”

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