L’Oréal leads the way to achieving an inclusive workplace

04 August 2019
blog author

​L’Oréal USA has been recognised for its ‘superior achievement’ in creating an inclusive workplace.

The beauty company was given the accolade of leader in the diversity and inclusion field by Diversity Best Practices (DBP), a division of Working Mother Media.

It places L’Oréal among 14 organisations noted for receiving an 82 percent or higher ranking.

This is the second consecutive year the firm has been named in the DBP Inclusion Index, positioning it as a Top 10 Percent Inclusion Index Company, for the highest-scoring organisations.

Angela Guy, senior vice president of diversity & inclusion at L’Oréal USA, said: “As the world’s number one beauty company, we know that it is imperative that our workforce reflects the world around us; diversity is an integral component of our company culture and our business as a whole.

“We’ve made tremendous strides to make our organisation an inclusive environment and we are honoured to be recognised for that effort.”

The DBP index creates a roadmap to drive internal change and solutions through best practices. Organisations provided data and were measured in three key areas:

1.Best practices in the recruitment, retention and advancement of people from under-represented groups – women, racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and LGBTQ people
2.Company culture, including leadership accountability
3.Transparency and improvement in year-to-year demographic diversity

A total of 148 organisations took part in the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index this year, and results reveal opportunities for all organisations to target their diversity and inclusion efforts for greater effectiveness.

Deborah Munster, vice president of Diversity Best Practices, said: “The Inclusion Index continues to grow as more and more organisations are willing to be transparent about their progress and workforce demographics.

“We applaud their D&I efforts and will continue to set a high bar in order to drive change and accountability.”

Key findings from the 2019 Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index revealed 100 percent of the top 10 percent organisations hold managers accountable for diversity and inclusion.

In addition, 93 percent of the top 10 percent and Leading Inclusion Index organisations train recruiters to ask culturally competent questions of diverse applications (compared with 86 percent of all participants).

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