Hiring the Director of Safety for Openreach

04 November 2019 by Ben Flint
blog author

“The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone who works for BT is a vital consideration in everything we do”

Gavin Patterson, Former CEO, BT Group

With strong values and an importance attached to their long rich heritage, BT is one of the world’s oldest communications companies providing products and services to around 180 countries.

Health, safety and wellbeing are a key priority at BT and their management team are committed to ensuring that their risks are identified, controlled and managed to guarantee they build a better working environment for their staff.

In 2018, Openreach were seeking a new Director of Safety to fill the shoes of their former director who was retiring from the role after 25 years.

The former public sector business required an outstanding successor who could bring in a new approach and skillfully steer the change of direction required to elevate the business to the next level.

As well as carrying out the Acre Frameworks assessment process for the HSE team, Acre conducted several in-depth searches and interviews along with psychometric and situational assessments. 

The successful candidate was described as ‘exceptional’ and had been identified by Acre as a very talented individual. She was supported through the Frameworks coaching process and now reports directly to the Board, improving the overall approach to safety from an executive level position, with impact.

Having developed a strong relationship with BT after successfully placing their Group Head of Safety in 2017 and then placing the new Director of Safety, Acre are proud to be the official health and safety recruiter for BT.


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