More workers see benefits of going green

11 November 2019 by Grace Coleman
blog author

An increasing amount of British workers are aware of the importance of being green at work, according to research.

While nearly half of British people admit to being greener at home compared to the workplace, employers are researching ways to incorporate a green culture, according to the Instant Offices’ data.

With studies showing that greener cities with more eco-friendly designs could save the UK economy an estimated £15.3bn by the year 2050, the green trend is steadily rising.

The Government is applying the pressure to reach a net zero environment by 2050 and adopting a greener approach will leave a positive impact on employee wellbeing and resources as well as benefitting the environment.

In London, all new buildings are set to become net zero carbon by 2030, to help the UK meet targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement. A building with zero net energy consumption means the total amount of energy it uses annually is the same as the amount of renewable energy created on the site.

Businesses can also benefit from becoming greener in many ways, according to a UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) report.

The report explored the benefits of running greener businesses which include enjoying an 18 per cent higher return on investment when actively managing their carbon emissions (compared to companies who are not doing so).

The UKGBC also launched a consultation last month, which includes a proposal paper detailing suggested energy performance targets for commercial offices, and a survey for respondents to give feedback on the proposals.

The paper proposes the introduction of ‘Paris Proof’ energy targets that commercial offices should meet if they seek to be net zero carbon in their operations.

Richard Twinn, senior policy advisor at UKGBC said: “We are keen to hear feedback on the proposals from across the industry so we can build consensus around the action that is

“Interest in net zero has exploded in the past year and UKGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Building Framework has helped to spark a lively debate in the industry about the role to be played by the built environment.

“With the urgency of climate action becoming ever greater, UKGBC is using the Framework to push the construction and property industry to be more ambitious in tackling emissions.”

Employers could look at various options for kick-starting a greener business, including the introduction of green roofs and/ or a garden which will reduce energy usage and improve staff wellbeing.

Using renewable energy sources can also significantly reduce global warming emissions as it replaces carbon-intensive energy sources.