Hiring the VP of Social Responsibility at Lego

21 January 2020 by Catherine Harris
blog author

​Ambitious sustainable materials and renewable energy targets triggered the expansion of Lego’s Social Responsibility and Engagement Team, and in turn created the need for an individual who would define Lego’s social and environmental responsibility approach. Reporting to the company’s main leadership board and specifically to Lego’s CFO, this individual would take responsibility for providing leadership for the global Social Responsibility Team, developing the impact of the function and reinforcing the reputation of the corporate brand.

Un-biased candidate assessment:

Acre was tasked with both undertaking a full global search, and managing Lego’s internal applicants. In order to ensure both demographics were assessed consistently, Acre designed a series of questions which addressed the technical and non-technical competencies of the role. Acre undertook detailed interviewing and candidates were also required to complete a written competency based assessment which made up part of the application pack for short-listed candidates.

Remote location:

Whilst the pull of the Lego brand is strong, the role’s location (the remote Danish town of Billund) was likely to demand an individual who could relocate. On this basis, a global search was undertaken with a strong focus on Europe, the UK and the US. Acre’s screening process tested candidates’ ability and motivations to relocate in detail. Ninety candidates were identified as part of Acre’s process. Of these, eight were already based in Denmark.

Interview support:

The Senior Consultant managing the search attended all first interviews along side Lego’s interview panel which included the Global VP of HR. Particularly in light of the blend of internal and external candidates, this created an additional layer of consistency, and prevented any unconscious bias which may have arisen.


The recruitment process ultimately informed LEGO of how they could most effectively approach the hire. Based on intelligence arising from the search, Lego decided that too much weight had been placed on the role, and therefore created two positions – one with an environmental focus and one with a social focus.

The two resulting hires were both global senior sustainability directors with exceptional environmental, stakeholder engagement and sustainability expertise across the corporate, consultancy and NGO sectors.

The role was placed by Catherine Harris who now works as our Principal Consultant in Acre's US office. To discuss similar positions, or how we can help you find the right people for your organisation in Europe, please contact Marie Cloherty via marie.cloherty@acre.com or Harco Leertouwer via harco.leertouwer@acre.com

What Our Clients Say...

  • Acre was the only specialist search firm able to assist with our CSR search requirement. They were professional and extremely knowledgeable and we would not have been able to hire the talent we did without their expert assistance.

    Sustainability Manager

    Bank of America
  • Acre has been a great partner in helping us fulfill our resourcing requirements. The service we have received from the team is truly that of a partner who understands our business and we are always guaranteed an exceptional personal service which is a rarity in this day and age.

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  • A pleasure to work with and a great outcome.

    Acre distinguished themselves in their value proposition which is why we appointed them. What set them apart further was their delivery of an ambitious and complex project comprising the selection and recruitment of multiple senior people. Our partners Johnny and Anna were extremely professional and capable in their fields of expertise and I would highly recommend them and their colleagues to anyone considering sourcing top talent.

    Director of Health, Safety and Sustainability

    Keepmoat Homes
  • As trawlermen the world over will attest, you're going to get a better catch if someone knows where the fish are to be found. When it comes to recruitment, Acre appear to know not just where the fish are, but the specific type of fish you are searching for in particular. We were delighted with the recruitment process and the high-calibre candidates it produced. Great service as well.

    Head of Community and Campaigns

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  • We had been looking to fill a difficult role for 2 years and had been through several rounds of interviewing without success. With their networking and specialist knowledge of the area, Acre were able to find a number of talented candidates which led to a successful appointment.

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