Lloyd's Register Impact Story

29 January 2020 by Anna Keen
blog author

“One of the most important actions that a leader can do is develop the skills of the team and develop a pathway for individuals to achieve their career goals. This is particularly important now given the transformation that the HSE profession is undergoing and the ever-increasing need for HSE practitioners to hold effective soft skills, such as communicating, influencing and meeting the differing needs of stakeholders.

The Acre Frameworks model addresses these challenges through the use of a tailored competency framework for HSE practitioners that helps the individuals assess themselves, identify where they can improve and offer 1-2-1 practical support.

Acre Frameworks also provides invaluable insights for HSE managers, enabling them to better understand the personality, skills and capabilities of team members. The dashboard capability provided in the Framework is intuitive but essential when considering how to develop future talent and identify areas of potential team development.”

- James Pomeroy, Group HSE and Security Director, Lloyd's Register

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