Prince Charles to launch Sustainable Markets Council

06 January 2020 by Grace Coleman
blog author

​The Prince of Wales will attend the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting for the first time in 30 years this month, to officially launch his Sustainable Markets Council.

His Royal Highness will visit the meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on 22nd January to give a keynote address about the initiative.

The Sustainable Markets Council was founded by the prince last September and supported by the international organisation the World Economic Forum, to unite leading international figures from the private, public and philanthropic sectors with a strong focus on sustainability. Together they will explore ways to rapidly decarbonise the global economy and make the transition to sustainable markets.

A sustainable market is a profitable marketplace that generates long-term value through integrating natural, social and financial capital. Sustainable markets have been designed in response to the increasing threats posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, and it is hoped they will ensure the economy operates in favour of people and the planet, while contributing to growth and prosperity.

The heir to the throne and the World Economic Forum have launched the ‘Building Sustainable Markets Initiative’ guided by HRH’s Sustainable Markets Council, with the aim of ensuring sustainability for future generations.

The prince’s visit takes place as a stopover on the way to his visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories at the request of the British Government.

The prince will help advise and champion the council’s work and showcase global best practice, while responding to expressions of interest surrounding sustainable market creation.

With investors and consumers increasingly demanding for sustainability, three market transitions underpin the transformation to sustainable markets:

• A dramatic shift in corporate business models

• An aligned, incentivised and mobilised financial system

• An enabling environment that attracts investment and incentives action

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting takes place in Davos, Switzerland, between 21st and 24th January 2020.