This year I will...

07 January 2020 by Ed Wyeth
blog author

The skeptic within me says: why bother? With the age-old cliché of turning over a new leaf, I approach each New Year with eternal optimism only to be disappointed when my resolutions lay in tatters by early February (who am I kidding… the second week of Jan). So why do we do it to ourselves? And what are we as humans resolving to do?

The beginning of the new year signals great opportunity for a fresh start to exercise the lofty ambitions we hold for ourselves. Most commonly we are committing to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking and save money: to be happier, healthier and more balanced individuals. Sounds ideal, right? Sadly, behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight and all too soon we can find ourselves feeling dejected and tasting the bitter taste of failure.

I for one am on the journey of continuous improvement. And in my commitment to continuously improve I am more motivated than ever to be a human being this year (as opposed to a human doing). As humans we are creatures of meaning – celebrating rituals such as birthdays, anniversaries and seasonal holidays. We take selfies and capture moments in order to remind ourselves of who we are, how far we have come and where we want to go. And for this reason, I believe, resolutions (or other opportunities to set goals) can provide us with a great marker in the sand.

As a coach I have the absolute pleasure of walking with clients not only as they set goals for themselves but more often than not - as they chip away and achieve them. Human resolve is a wonderful thing, but the power of a coach to stand alongside you in the gap should not be underestimated. With this in mind:

  • What are you setting out to achieve this year?

  • What is in your tool kit and who is beside you to set you up for success?