EV market gets a boost from battery storage project

26 February 2020 by Grace Coleman
blog author

​A battery storage company is launching two projects to deliver 100MW of renewable energy storage in the UK.

EDF Renewables firm Pivot Power has placed an order with Finnish tech developer Wärtsilä to deliver the storage for faster electric vehicle (EV) charging. Its first two projects are expected to be fully operational in Oxford and Kent by the end of the year.

Pivot Power, which also specialises in EV infrastructure, is developing the national network of grid-scale batteries and high-volume power connections to support increased renewable energy generation and EV charging infrastructure.

Grid-scale batteries will help to speed up the UK’s transition to a clean energy future by providing balancing services for the world’s largest transmission-connected battery storage network.

With the UK’s EV market predicted to expand significantly this year (industry analysts have dubbed 2020 “the year of the electric car”), the two 50 MW lithium-ion batteries will be the first projects completed as part of Pivot Power’s programme.

They will develop, own and operate up to 2GW of grid-scale energy storage and high-volume power connections which are directly connected to the UK high-voltage transmission system.

Adrien Lebrun, engineering director at Pivot Power, said: “At Pivot Power we are committed to enabling a clean electric future and accelerating the expansion of electric vehicles across the UK, and as part of EDF Renewables we are making this vision a reality.

“These Wärtsilä energy storage systems allow us to harness cutting-edge technology to future-proof our investments in a changing energy market, supporting our long-term goal to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and bring us closer to net zero.”

The systems are based on Wärtsilä’s advanced energy management software platform GEMS which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable efficient management of large-scale energy storage systems.

It can also manage its GridSolv modular storage solution, which supports energy storage deployments and integrated hybrids.

Andrew Tang, vice president, energy storage and optimisation, Wärtsilä Energy Business, said: “We believe that a clean energy future for the UK is not just possible, it is deliverable. These exciting projects will support a cost-effective, reliable and low-carbon energy system and promote the rapid adoption of clean transport in the UK.

“These pioneering energy storage projects highlight the capabilities of GridSolv and GEMS to provide flexible energy services in the energy market.”

EDF Renewables acquired Pivot Power in November last year and the group’s goal is to provide power for 600,000 electric vehicles and 75,000 charging points.