Building Bunzl a group wide sustainability network

02 March 2020 by Tanith Allen
blog author

“Acre service has been outstanding. I have worked with them on both sides (recruiter and recruited) and on both sides they have always been professional, helpful and effective.” Bunzl review on Feefo

Bunzl is a large international distribution and outsourcing group. As a leading distributor and not a manufacturer, Bunzl is not tied to any types of materials or products and therefore uniquely positioned to have a positive impact across the entire supply chain by having an objective overview of the best sustainability solutions for each customer.

Bunzl operates in a fast paced, evolving environment which relies on a constant growth strategy, and has partnered with Acre over the last year to build an innovative and supportive sustainability network capable of operating across the various business units with a unique and pragmatic strategy.

Acre’s track record and unsurpassed network in the industry enabled us to build a team spanning across various key divisions and at group level, each individual bringing complimentary experience ranging from circular economy, to stakeholder engagement and strategy development, policy, and sustainability consultancy.

Acre mapped the market leaders across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe to build an impressive team, each of whom has the gravitas to influence decision making at the most senior level within their respective business units.

This has enabled Bunzl to future proof their offering and continue to partner with some of sustainability’s leading consumer facing brands. For example, Bunzl Retail Supplies in the UK are now working on new ways to collaborate throughout the supply chain to create a closed loop offer for plastic products, with quality control protocols throughout.

They will collect and consolidate waste plastic from customers, and then transport it to carefully selected partner recyclers in UK, Netherlands and Turkey. After processing, the business will take the granulated pellets and supply them direct to their manufacturers to use in the production of new products such as reusable shopping bags, which they will then deliver to customers creating a genuine end to end process.

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