Creating a High Performance HSE & Sustainability Culture with ABB

24 April 2020 by Kendelle Tekstar
blog author

ABB places HSE and Sustainability at the heart of its business activities, which requires highly effective professionals in these functions to deliver on strategic outcomes and drive change across the organisation. Newly in post in 2016, Michael Cooke, Senior VP of HSE & Sustainability, engaged Acre to assess key knowledge, skills, and behaviours of over 100 key HSE/Sustainability leaders across the globe, resulting in ABB’s Development & Assessment Centre (DAC). Due to the significant value add of the DAC, ABB have re-engaged Acre in 2020 to roll out a second centre that both replicates successes from the initial programme and incorporates learnings for continuous improvement.

Acre sourced and partnered with an expert HSE consultant to create an original case study for the participants to engage with across three interactive scenarios: group discussion, individual presentation, and live role play. Our in-house, trained assessors then observed performance across these contexts and scored the participants against a benchmark that indicated success in role. Following the DAC, participants were given 1-1 debriefs with an Acre Frameworks Development Coach and an in-depth feedback report to help them understand their strengths and limiting areas. To bring the process full circle, a bespoke training programme was designed and delivered to address the development areas that emerged. It was crucial for Acre to create consistency and local flexibility across the geographies of the global team for the most effective roll out.

Our Acre Frameworks Skills Development Centre (SDC) allowed delegates to demonstrate their strengths, as well as identify areas for improvement, across a range of skills (soft and technical) and behaviours using a realistic business scenario. Despite the day being very busy and challenging, we had incredibly positive feedback from the candidates – both those who scored very well across many competency areas as well as those for whom the gaps were more obvious. To ensure development objectives were maintained and ongoing support was offered, bespoke training was rolled out globally based on outcomes from the SDC with support from Acre, which once again received very positive feedback.”

- Michael Cooke, Senior VP of HSE & Sustainability

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