The CR and Sustainability Market Survey 2020 is now closed!

07 May 2020 by Grace Coleman
blog author

On Friday 1st of May, the CR and Sustainability Market Survey 2020 came to a close with an incredible 1548 applicants.

Acre, Carnstone and Flag, launched The CR and Sustainability Market Survey 2020 to gain a better understanding of the growing areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability. The survey’s purpose is to provide a clearer view of how corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals fit into the modern business landscape.

Now in its eighth year, the survey has been developed to provide a comprehensive insight into the salaries and benefits, responsibilities and backgrounds of people working in the sector - both in-house and for external consultancies. Last year’s survey was completed by over 1200 professionals and with over 300 more applicants having completed this year’s survey, we aim to provide a deeper understanding of the broader corporate responsibility and sustainability sectors around the world to provide unique and valuable information for you and your fellow professionals.

Andy Cartland, Founder at Acre, “We have seen dramatic growth in the CR/S job market over the past two years - a greater acceleration than ever before. An indication perhaps that momentum is building to address the global challenges humankind faces. As such this years’ survey comes at a critical junction and we hope it creates intelligence which supports the profession’s ongoing development and growth. We would like to thank our distribution partners WAP, 3BL, Duurzaam Ondernemen, Climate Cocktail Club and Walk of Life who have helped us circulate this key survey throughout the sector”

What we aim to gain from the survey results?:

•Drive diversity in the workplace, influence key competencies in the profession and can find out about career progression and salary benchmarking when the report is released

•Benchmark salaries and benefits for your existing teams

•Understand the varied backgrounds of CR and sustainability professionals

•Raise awareness about the importance of sustainability within corporate organisations along with the impact the sector has on society and the environment

All participants will be the first to receive a full report on the findings and you will also be invited to a launch event later in the year, where you will have a chance to discuss the results and the implications for you and the sector.

For any questions regarding the survey please contact Acre via +44 (0) 207 400 5570 or email on