Helping the Co-op's Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team Find Balance in a Virtual World

20 December 2020 by Ed Wyeth
blog author

The last quarter of the year can pose as a particularly challenging time for most employees. This reigns even more true as we continue to navigate the impacts of the current health crisis and an increase in remote working. It is harder than ever before to feel connected as a team.

Why did you engage Acre Frameworks?

“Acre Frameworks has been our non-technical development partner for a few years now. In anticipation of a meeting with my team, I was aware that everyone was feeling a little bit flat given the time of year and everything going on with COVID. I felt like I wanted to offer them an hour of reset to learn some self-management tools that would help them to regain some control and perspective. I got in touch with Josh Jeffries and he suggested Acre Frameworks’ Balance of Life training workshop.”

– Lauren Green, Head of Risk, Health, Safety & Environment.

What is 'Finding Balance in a Virtual World?'

Acre Frameworks’ 'Finding Balance in a Virtual Wold' training module is designed to fuel connection, embed self-reflective practices and to regain control on both an individual and team level when remote working becomes particularly challenging. Utilising an innovative learning platform, teams are able to reflect on some of the challenges and opportunities encountered in the last year. Teams are then introduced to a ground-breaking coaching tool aimed at supporting personal discovery.

Why is this model helpful for participants?

This workshop is designed specifically to facilitate meaningful, candid discussions where individuals are able to reflect on where they might feel

​they lack balance and how they can commit to small but impactful actions that will inevitably allow them to re-gain control and combat any potential burnout.

What impact did this training workshop have on your team?

“This one-hour session really helped us to connect, have some fun and gain some much needed balance! Josh and Ed supported us with some useful tools, points of reflection and gave everyone some time and space to share where they were at, their hopes for the future and a commitment to take action on the things that bring joy to their personal lives.

I asked the team their thoughts and the following comments were offered:

  • 'Good to change things up and talk about stuff that isn't the normal day job once in a while!’

  • ‘It was nice to do something a little different and that gets us doing some reflection’

  • ‘Enjoyed that! Great idea to do that. I'm not sure about everyone else but was a nice break to how crazy things are at the minute!’

  • ‘Thank you that was brilliant!’

  • ‘Great meeting, thank you for organising. It's nice to have a bit fun in the team meeting. We had a great hour, thanks Acre!'

If your team could use an hour to regroup and reset, please don’t hesitate to get in touch about our Balance of Life workshop by contacting Ed Wyeth at or by calling +44 (0)20 7400 5570.

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