​Sustainability salaries rise across the globe

04 January 2021 by Acre
blog author

Sustainability salaries have increased across the globe since 2018, according to the newly released 2020 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) Salary Survey. With more CR&S professionals (1,542 in total) taking part in the survey and revealing a higher remuneration package, this is a fitting testament to the growing importance of the sustainability sector.

Data from the survey, conducted by Acre, Carnstone and Flag, also highlights that average in-house roles far surpassed consultancy positions which has widened the average salary gap between the two from £11,500 in 2018 to £16,000 in 2020.

Dan Bond, senior consultant for CR&S at Acre Resources, said: “One thing we are seeing is a shift towards roles centred around purpose sitting at increasingly senior levels within businesses. The importance of responsible business can’t be overstated and integrating sustainability into the core business model is essential for long-term viability. With it, comes an increase in responsibility, remit, salary and, most importantly, impact.”

Francis Sullivan, board deputy chair at ResponsibleSteel, said: “For too long, CR&S professionals have been the “Cinderellas” of the corporate world. Far too many people in our world have told me that they want to be ‘taken seriously’ by management and their corporate peers; however, change is afoot and the results are starting to be borne out in the data.”

For further information surrounding the global sustainability salary rise, which also contains information on the gender pay gap and the highest paid industries for CR&S professionals, click here to download a copy of the full report.

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