Bloomberg Green: The Sustainable Jobs Market - Featuring Harco Leertouwer, Acre

27 September 2021 by Grace Coleman
blog author

“The renewable energy boom has unleashed a war over talent for green jobs. Clean energy giants are finding a shortage of workers with the skills needed to support their ambitious growth plans as both countries and companies look to fund a greener future.

But, just what abilities are needed, and what are recruiters looking for?"

Our Managing Director of Europe sat down with Bloomberg to discuss the future of green jobs, the industries where opportunities are arising and the types of green skills companies are looking for.

Check out the full interview here:

As companies continue to prioritise climate change at a board level, we're supporting forward-thinking organisations to recruit leading Energy, Cleantech and Climate Change talent to support the transition toward a low carbon economy. If you're interested in learning how you can contribute to this important mission, get in touch or browse our latest Energy, Clean Technology and Climate Change jobs here.