"How the Role of CSO has Evolved" • Opinion Piece by Acre's Harco Leertouwer, Featured in ESG Clarity

07 June 2022 by Acre
blog author

​There is a notable change within the c-suite as the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) ups tempo, in alignment with meeting climate goal deadlines and improving social issues. With the role’s recent revolutionary upgrade (the position has changed dramatically in as little as a year), the unprecedented rise of today’s CSO means they are even more curious about effecting positive change. Acre’s Managing Director - Europe, Harco Leertouwer recently wrote an article for ESG Clarityoutlining the development of an adaptive role that has made the CSO a major player within the organisation to identify issues and implement change. To read the full article, please click here.

You can also watch Harco’s interviews with leading sustainability leaders in Acre’s ongoing series ‘The Future of the CSO’ where we learn how the role has evolved, will continue to change and how we can inspire the next generation of change-makers. It is important that as an industry, we keep learning, sharing and developing. To watch the full series, please go to our Vimeo Channel.

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