MAS to Launch First Singapore Sovereign Green Bond This Week

10 August 2022 by Grace Coleman
blog author

​The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said on Monday (Aug 1) that it will be issuing Singapore’s inaugural sovereign green bond, which is known as Green Singapore Government Securities (Infrastructure) or Green SGS (Infra).

The Singapore dollar denominated bond – which will be launched via a book-building process within the week – will have a tenor of either 30 or 50 years and a minimum issuance size of about S$1.5 billion.

"Last week, there was another huge development within the sustainability domain in Singapore as the Monetary Authority of Singapore announced the launch of Singapore's inaugural sovereign green bond.

The proceeds will go towards supporting the Singapore Green Plan 2030 (a nationwide movement to advance sustainable development in Singapore). The bond is also part of a pipeline of up to a whopping S$35 billion of sovereign and public sector green bonds the government will issue by 2030.

It's clear that huge efforts are being made to advance the sustainability agenda in Singapore. Exciting times for the evolution of ESG in Asia!" - Paddy Balfour, Executive Director, Asia at Acre

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Original Source: The Business Times, Published on 1st August 2022, Written by Raphael Lim