Singapore Firms Blame Lack of Budget, Talent for Sustainability Struggles: Report

10 August 2022 by Grace Coleman
blog author

In the report released Wednesday (Aug 3), NTUC LearningHub noted a “persisting” gap between having the intention and actually implementing sustainable business practices.

While more than 90 per cent of business leaders agreed on the importance of integrating sustainability practices into their overall strategy, only 28 per cent said they have begun implementing goals and strategies.

"A new report by Singapore education and training provider NTUC LearningHub has revealed some interesting results about the sustainability struggles that some Singapore firms are facing.

Although a rising number of organisations are recognising the importance of sustainability practices, many are still not able to meet their sustainability goals due to a limited budget and importantly, a lack of specialised talent. Digging deeper into the second point – while around 77% of employers are looking to hire talent for sustainability-related initiatives in the next 2 years, more than half said that they require help in training employees with relevant skills.

There seems to be a gap between the planning stage of incorporating sustainable business practices and the actual implementation of them. This is where Acre comes in to bridge the gap between thought and action – after all, our hiring processes ultimately aim to connect the right people to fill sustainability roles in the right organisation. The ESG runway in the region is looking more than promising and we’re excited to play an active role in this process!" - Paddy Balfour, Executive Director, Asia at Acre

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Original Source: The Business Times, Published on 3rd August 2022, Written by Vivienne Tay