Green Collar Aspirations | Featuring Commentary by Acre's Paddy Balfour

07 September 2022 by Grace Coleman
blog author

​With over three-quarters of the region’s youth looking to join the green economy, The EDGE Singapore explore what opportunities lie in sustainability and what skills are in demand. Acre’s Paddy Balfour, Executive Director, Asia contributed his thoughts on the huge demand for sustainability talent across all business segments.

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“The reality of the market in Asia and the relative immaturity of the industry is that the list of skills in demand is increasingly long. While the technical expertise required to drive sustainable change varies from person to person, driving real change in purpose-driven professions will require strong non-technical skills, such as executive influence, strategy development, and delivery, business insight, and inclusive leadership.” - Paddy Balfour, Executive Director, Asia at Acre 

Paddy joined Acre in 2022 to lead the expansion of the Acre business in APAC.

Originally from the UK Paddy has spent over 15 years working across multiple markets in the APAC region with relationships in the finance and commercial sectors. At Acre he is specifically aligned with the growth of sustainable finance, impact investing, and sustainable energy practice. This includes working with banks, insurers, pension funds, investment managers, private debt, equity & real-asset funds, family offices, and foundations for roles that are sustainability themed and/or impact aligned as well as any sustainability and ESG-related positions across all other functions.

Paddy has a BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.