Building a talent management strategy with DE&I at its core • By Acre's Emma Penny

28 March 2023 by Emma Penny
blog author

In a recent article for Professional Adviser, Emma Penny, Acre’s Client Director, Sustainable Finance, examines talent management strategies in the financial services sector, concluding that it is essential for firms to integrate DE&I into their strategy.

This is particularly relevant in light of the upcoming April deadline for the Financial Conduct Authority’s required diversity and inclusion reporting, which will require firms to meet set DE&I targets.

“The key is to develop a long-term and well-thought-through approach to DE&I that complements and can be integrated into the wider business strategy. Whether your firm is about to take the first step in its DE&I journey or has been travelling the path for a while, now is the time to be bold. Although mistakes will be made, we need to recognise these as opportunities to learn, innovate and improve.” - Emma Penny

To read the full article, please click here.

Original Source: Professional Adviser | Written by Emma Penny | Published on 28/03/23

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